Karkat x reader (lemon ♋)

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Karkat x reader (lemon)

Chapter 1

You're name is ________ . You like basic things. Like art. You dream of being a animated and maybe making a movie. You also like music. you know how to play guitar and the piano and often when your not drawing to write songs. People tell you that you have a great voice but you don't believe them. You often dream of being a star up on stage with a crowd of fans. But till that happens you're in you're room. It's 11:00 pm and night. You can't sleep.

You are laying in the bed looking at the ceiling. Rather bored. You want someone to talk to you but you don't think anyone's awake. Just then your laptop starts ringing. You don't answer just stand up and check who it is.


"Huh. Nepetas on? At this late hour? Maybe she in trouble"

_____ sit down and answer arsenicCatnip

arsenicCatnip started pestering (chumhandle)

AC- * ac wakes up from her sleep to remember she had something very important to say to _____*

AC- *AC jumps on to ______ back*

AC- hello ________.

CH-uhhh. Hi nepeta. What's wrong?

CH-why are you up thins late hour?

AC- *ac smiles at ______* I should ask you the same thing!!

CH-....... Heh yeah. I can't sleep.

AC-*ac sees jump with joy* ME TOO!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TILL TOMORROW!!! It's going to be so much fun!!!!

CH-umm.. Yeah about that... What we're we going to to tomorrow?

AC- *ac is sad know* Nya!!!! Don't tell me you furrgot!!!

CH- :P heh,.. Sorry Nep.

AC- Well ok I guess I should tell you then.


CH-just pleases no more Role playing! At least not at this late hour. Ok?

AC-ouh!!!! Oh alright.

AC- :/

CH-: D

AC-ok we're are all going out to Dave hive.... I mean house? To play some games!!!!

CH-what games?

AC-Idk.... He said there were fun tho :3

CH-I don't trust Dave

AC-Don't tell me you're not coming!!!!

CH-I don't know. Maybe I guess.

CH-who's going to be there?

AC-EVERYBODY!!!! Even karkitty!!!!



CH-oh idk

AC-oh come please!!!!!!!


AC-please please please please. please. please please please please please!!!!!


AC-yay!!!!! Bye!!! :3 see you tomorrow!!!!!

arsenicCatnip stop pestering (chumhandel)

_______ sit back in the share. And think.

"Karkat is going to be there...... If I know Dave these so called games are going to be "7 min in heaven" or "pokey". -sigh-"

"_______ go to bed!!!" You here you room mate Vriska yell from the other room.

"Fine!!" _____ yells back. It

______ go to bed and think more about this in the morning.

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