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Chapter 9

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Pumasok kami sa room kung saan ang meeting room ng mga pinuno ng apat na community, I was in here before but not as a queen or a grand daughter of the king community it's because I was the assassin of this community .

Pag pasok namin sabay sabay na tumayo ang apat sa elder sabay bow kay grandpa but grandpa just nod and proceed to the chair belong to him beside the king chair is another chair. The chair beside the kings chair is belong to the next heir kaya dito ako umupo, halata sa muka ng mga tao sa loob ng room na yun ang gulat.

"So let's start the reason why all of you are here. Grandpa said.

"Who is that person king? "One of the elder asked.

"This person is the new leader of the community .he said

"But she's just a girl! One of them said with disrespect in his voice.

"So that's why you do not respect me? I ask coldly he gulp but glare at me after he composed himself.

"Wala kang lakas para mamuno sa community" he said to me i smirk before speak.

"I don't care about your opinion. 'I said

"So everyone agree? Grandpa ask but no one dare to speak.

"Okay since you all agree 'till this day ang apo ko na ang mamumuno sa community, and I want u all respect her just like you respect me. Grandpa before turning his body to the entrance and disappear naiwan akong nakaupo kasama ang mga council member when I didn't heard my grandpa I turned my gaze to the man who disrespect me and glare at him.

"The next time you disrespect me again i will burn you alive. I said he gulp then bow his head then speak.

"I'm sorry queen it's not happening again. He apologize I eye him I little longer before standing then walk away.

The fuck rhaine! I eye rave boringly.

"What's your problem rave"?I asked him I'm currently sitting in cafeteria while eating lunch at nakatingin sa computer ko I was working to track some enemy.

"I was calling you yesterday ilang beses pa diba guys? "Tinignan ko sya sabay tingin sa mga barkada nya na kanya kanyang upo sa mesa kung nasaan ako.

"And you should know that my time is always limited when i have my fun hunting' I said briefly.

"And you caught it? "He ask again


"Did you kill him?

"Not yet.

"To bad for his useless life.

My lips curve evily smile while looking to not specific place and forget that all of rave friend is currently sitting infront of me.

"I feel like I already meet satan "I heard Liam said and blake and Drake agree to him but ice just look at me, hmmm brave eh?

"So what's your plan about the traitor? "Rave back in asking me.

"Using him to caught the other, "I answer before standing and walking the cafeteria I was about to past the table where the slut group of Alice when i saw on of them move her feet planning to stripped me.

I walk as if I don't know I face to step but i jump then land of her feet and she scream pretty loud, i smirk at them habang sila gulat na gulat

"You can do better than stripping me you know, i said

Ice PoV

"Where you going angel? "Raven ask rhaine she turn her head to us before answering his question.

"Watching the python gang. "She said

"Python? Who's going to fight with them? "I ask her seriously we don't know it's have much today or tonight.

"Oh some unknown gang from somewhere, "she said

"Where going to, " I said she just shrug then walk out we rise to our chair then follow her outside the cafeteria.

Pagdating namin sa UG bigla nalang nawala si rhaine nasa unahan lang namin sya pag pasok pero bigla nalang ito nawala

"San dumaan yun? Tanong ni Drake

"I don't really shock when she just disappeared it's always like this,. Sagot ni raven

"Really? Is she have a power or something? Blake ask

"No but she's like a ninja,' raven said

I'm still wondering who rhain storm really is when I look her eye it's always like I'm looking with soulness body her eyes is to cold.
Pagdating namin sa loob ng UG nagsstart na ang fight .

"Yan yung makakalaban ng python?"Liam said i look at the group sa right corner ng arena nakaupo na kami sa nakalaan upuan para samin.

"Mukang handang pumatay ang mga yan,'it was Blake

"Anong ginagawa ng mga yan dito base sa sinabi ni rhaine hindi sila taga dito.'Drake

"It's starting.' Liam

Pagkatapos ng announcement nag umpisa na rin ang laban python is the first got a move pero mukang talo sila dahil sa bilis at lakas ng mga kalaban nila.

"Holy shit !we all shock when in just five minutes all of python member got their knees habang may mga kunai na nakatutok sa mga leeg nila,all of them are bleeding to death.

"It's not good to just enter to someone territory don't you know that ?"napatingin kami nagsalita it's was rhaine pababa sya ng arena nakatingin Lang sya mga nakalaban ng python one of them let go of Bryan neck his the leader of the python group.

"Atlast you get yourself out from the shadow Hell queen",the man spoke smirking rhaine smirk too she stood just outside the arena.

"I'm still the shadow and the hell queen masked or not" she said stepping inside.

"It's been so  long since we last saw each other,' the man grin yung ibang kasama nya binitiwan na rin yung ibang member ng python

"And guess i need to kill you now."it's the guy again rhaine chuck

"Is it funny black? You said the same thing two years ago. The man glared but rhaine just smile

"Yeah but I can't kill you that time cuz' I loved you back then. The man said

"What the hell? It's Liam napatingin ako kay Liam ng magsalita ito 'so that's the man huh? 'He said again

"Who is he? I ask Liam tsaka tumingin ulit kay rhaine na nakatitig lang yun Sa lalake.

"He's the guy my sister loved before pero nalaman ni angel na lahat ng pagmamahal na pinapakita nung guy ay fake that guy just want my sister die angel never mentioned the guy name when she told me that, and after that day my sister was not my sister anymore she's become a cold blooded my sweet sister gone.'gulat kami napatitig kay Liam

'Just that reason? Blake ask

'I really don't know what really happen that time. Liam answer

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