Chapter 12: Keep It To Yourself

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***Some people are getting it, but aren't putting the pieces to the puzzle. Just think about the relationship. Think.

Akaashi doesn't sleep much. Ever. I don't understand how he could want to stay up so late when he could just lay in bed and sleep.

He was walking around in my room at four in the morning. I would only get about twenty minutes of sleep before Akaashi would start talking to me. He liked going around and telling me things while he touched my stuff. And we've been over how cute he is, but I need to sleep.

I opened my eyes again when I heard his voice. He would talk to me on purpose to get me to wake up again; I like hearing his voice so it worked when he started talking again. I found him over by my closet, changing clothes; I got to see him take off his jeans and put on my shorts. My closet light has been on the whole night and this was the moment I was thankful for it; I could see Akaashi's glowing skin, his bare legs, his thick thighs, his perfect ass. That woke me up enough to look longer as he took off his sweater.

"Why don't you ever want to sleep?" I asked him. It seems that he's always hyper at night. And when he does sleep for maybe thirty minutes or an hour, he wakes up a bitter mess.

"I always do everything so late at night so I guess I got used to it." He said and pulled one of my sweaters over his head. "I had to study, you know." He said.

"You could have done that at a reasonable hour." I said.

"Well..." He started as he turned towards me but looked everywhere else. "I had other things to do too like all the volunteering, I played a sport, plus parties don't start early." He said and held his hands behind his back.

Honestly, I just want him to come to bed.

But I wanted to listen to him anyway. He was smiling at me and there was no way I could close my eyes to that.

Akaashi did his best to do it all. And he ended up doing it. I remember those days where he would come to school with dark circles under his eyes because he never slept. He managed to stay perfect anyway.

"You were never stressed?" I asked.

"Some days, I would have a panic attack so bad that I would black out." He told me and started laughing quietly. "It wasn't as bad as people made it seem." He said.

Of course it wasn't as bad. He partied all the time. Maybe that was his stress relief. I watched Akaashi smile at me and talk. He said something about his parents but I was too focused on his pretty face to listen.

" dad just always wanted me to be an engineer but everyone wants to be an engineer. So I just didn't say anything about it." I missed the whole thing but its okay because watching him talk about it was satisfying. He wasn't sad or stressed now. He was fine talking to me about it.

"Do you even know what you want to do?" I asked as I rubbed my eye.

I was still tired but there's no going back since Akaashi was wide awake. He continued to walk around my room and I felt compelled to just get out of bed, take his hand, and bring him back to bed with me. He was thinking about a way to answer my question. He could do anything he wanted because he could. I watched him think for a moment, then he finally opened his mouth.

"Well after hearing about it, I just decided to go with the flow and do what everyone else was doing." He finally said. Most of the people at the top of our class wanted to be engineers. There were two that wanted to be lawyers and three that wanted to be doctors. "But, I actually want to be an astronaut." He said and smiled wider.

That's something I didn't know.

"Why? Because you're out of this world?" I asked. He covered his mouth quickly with his hand to keep from laughing too loud. It is four in the morning and my parents are home, sleeping in their room. The last thing I need is my mom barging into my room and embarrassing me.

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