She Will Bee Loved- Chp 22

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Chapter 22

I got into the room seconds after the two did and found them staring, stunned by the girl, who was in fact, watching Emi sleep. That was all she was doing really. Her frame was perfectly still, the only movement came once I settled in between the two who might have lost their voices altogether. For a few seconds no one said anything. Her head swung around slowly so she could see us all and the look on her face was a haughty one, completed with a small smirk. I blinked, completely at a loss for words. Who…? What...?

My eyes fell to Emi again, perfectly asleep, not a hair out of place. It made me nervous. Just how long had she been up here? There were so many things that could have happened before Tara came and informed us.

Finally she stood, smirk still in place.

“Cyn…?” Jonie took cautious steps forward until she was only inches away from her and stared silently. I, on the other hand, quickly hurried to the bed and pulled Emi to me. Cyn? As in Cynthia? As in the dead girl that Jayden and Joni constantly blamed themselves for allowing to die? The one who should have in fact been dead? That couldn’t have been possible. Jayden said nothing and Jonie said no more.

It was her turn to speak. The blonde seemed highly amused. “Long time no see, eh Jonie?” What stood out most to me was that absolutely care-free look on her face. You’d think someone who went through half of what she did would have had some form of stronger emotions at running into them again. Come to think of it, they were all being a bit too quiet. It was unnerving. I tried to keep my eyes on them all but soon Jonie captured all my attention. Her eyes were watering and her shoulders shook just a bit. This was expected. It had to be too much. As far as she was concerned her best friend had died in a shooting.

I would have understood her collapsing in her arms and crying, it seemed she was dangerously close to doing this as well but surprize surprize, without another moment’s hesitation she drew back and gave Cynthia her right hook.

My eyes widened significantly with shock, Jayden rushed forward and grabbed her arm in case she had plans to do that again but she merely yanked her hand away and stormed out of the room.

“I suppose this means I’m out of practice. I should have anticipated that.” Cynthia said with a soft chuckle, she rubbed her cheek a few times. “I guess I’ve been meaning to re-measure her punch force…”

“Look, Cyn—”

“No it’s fine, I’m fine, she’s changed a lot since I left. She’s…different.” Her gaze shot to the doorway before her eyes landed on him again. “You too, your hair’s growth has slowed by 0.67% and you’ve finally fallen into your perfect BMI.”

“Yeah, but Cyn—”

She whirled around to face me.  “And you, it’s good seeing you outside of observation.” She extended her hand. “Cynthia.”

I felt all the blood leave my face. Outside of Observation. Had she been watching me too? Gosh, I was tired of being put under scrutiny like I was some science experiment and they all wanted results. I was a human being and would have liked to start being treated like one. Her smile wasn’t enough to bring one to my face. How hard was it to walk up to someone and ask them what you needed to know? I was sure that they were all breaking some kind of privacy law or the other, I didn’t mind Jonie that much but the others; no.

Reluctantly I reached forward and gave her hand a brief shake. The glint in her eyes told me that she was still recording.


My eyes flickered to Jayden, he seemed to understand because in the next second he stepped forward and took her by the shoulders.

“Can I talk to you?” Without waiting on her response he pulled her from the room. This couldn’t have been a worse situation. With Jonie so upset I couldn’t expect to get much from her—but she was still a Data Carrier, she would feel obligated to get this stuff, if only for her records. The thought of taking advantage of her while she was so upset put me off a bit but I had to know what they were talking about. What did one discuss with someone that was previously dead? Er…not dead apparently?

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