//Jealousy, Envy, &Greed//

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August P.O.V

"slow down baby let me get a condom" i said as i leaned over to open the draw to the night stand.

" why we need a condom? " she said smirking up to me kissing my neck

"cause you know my pull out game is weak and your ass doesn't want to have my child ." i laughed

" i want to have your baby just put it in baby come on" she pleaded

"chill chill." i sat up on the bed turning on the light.

"where is this coming from? i thought you didn't want to have another baby now. you wanted to wait till Nori got older "

she sighed sitting up pulling the covers to cover herself.

"i did, but now i wanna have a baby i wanna give you the baby you wanted " she said rubbing up and down my arm

"does this have to do with Brittany's daughter being mine ?" i sighed

" no..yea..not really . i just want to give you the child you want "

"T listen im happy with you okay ? " she nodded . " you don't have to do something that not gonna make you happy just to make me happy baby. if you want to wait ill wait for as long as you want . i love you okay ?" she nodded

it was silent for a minute while i rubbed my hand down the top of my head sighing.

" what if i told you that i did want to have a second baby right now ?" she asked

i looked over at her and she was smirking from cheek to cheek .

" you serious ?' i started smiling

" yes ! i miss holding a little baby in my hands. Nori is getting big . she doesn't even want me to dress her anymore or make her snack. shes only two and she already want to do things herself . " we both laughed

"well damn , let me put my kids in you women " i said turning off the light and getting into my women .


1 week later ..

Teyana P.O.V

" girl Im hungry" Lauren said as she plopped down on the couch in the store forgetting we were just folding clothes.

"we just ate like an hour ago " i said as i continued folding

"yea i ate, now its time to feed the little baby inside me " she laughed rubbing her belly

Lauren was 4 weeks pregnant but she acted and ate like she was due any day now . she had created her own cubby in the back of the store that contained all sorts of snacks . i was soon gonna be just like that .

"girl talking about being pregnant last night i told August i wanted to have another one of his kids " i said biting my lip

she looked over at me cheesing. "mmm this gon be good come sit " she said patting a seat next to her

" no i gotta finish folding these clothes before we leave " i sighed

"whatever just tell me what happened? y'all got it in raw huh?" she laughed

i nodded smiling thinking about last week .

"yea we got it in alright. but when i told him he thought i wanted to do it because of him being the father of Brittany's daughter " i sighed

" well is it ?" she asked

"yesss.." i whined


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