Inhale (15)

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Inhale (15)

Sexual Content ~

Q was a retired kingpin. He probably stopped selling in action but now he payed people to sell for him, that nigga was a pimp.

The watches he wore cost more then what I was worth. Q was good friends with my dad, someone I don't give a shit about.

The time my dad became a bitch nigga, Q took his place. Showing me and Damon how to survive the hood of Compton, making me become a man.

"Youngins." Q said as he stepped in the room before looking down at the two men on the ground above his shades, "Damn, Damon. Fists went to work, huh boy?"

Damon laughed, "You already know, Pops."

I looked over at him and chuckled at his silly grin, this nigga always looked like that when he got a compliment. I needed to get out with Damon soon.

"I heard, someone snitched. I don't have time for lies or games. Ima busy man, I've invested so much money you couldn't even count it with the help of a thousand people. With that money I can get you killed in less than 2.5 seconds, not even leaving a dent in my wallet. So lets take the easy way out, tell me what Len is planning." Q said before taking a seat.

"Okay, okay." One said and looked away from the other as he glared at him.


"Len had been following Jaylen around for the day. When he finally came to a stop at the restaurant, he ordered a assassination. He wanted to kill Damon and you to take over your business to get closer to Mr.Y's." He sighed.

"Smart but stupid." Q voiced as he pulled outa cigar and lit it.

"When did he expect to attack?" I asked.

"At the restaurant but that didn't go as planned."

"Damn, okay." I sighed, we needed to get everything planned before something started, "Call Ming, tell her to get them patched up but don't release them yet."


I layed my arm over my eyes as a warm body fell over mine. Andrea moved my arm before kissing me softly. I kissed back immediately. My tongue swiped across her bottom lip as she opened her mouth.

My tongue explored hers, couldn't get enough of her sweet taste. I flipped us over before opening her robe. I licked from her neck to between her chest. I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking softly before I went to the other.

I kissed back to her neck, sucking the skin. The look in her eyes I could tell she wanted this as much as I did.

I sat up and took my shirt off as I looked down at her tattooed skin. Her body was on a fucking platter, ready for me. Her hair over the pillow, her lips opened slightly, her legs up and closed. Hiding what was mine.

I opened her legs and settled in, "Keep em open." I whispered as I started grinding against her. She moaned softly in my ear as I licked behind her ear.

I pulled back before looking at her pussy. I licked my lips before moving my middle finger up and down her folds.

"Sí, oh mierda." She moaned as I pushed my finger into her. I pecked her lips before grabbing her and pulling her to the end of the bed. I slowly got on my knees as I opened the lips of her sex with my thumb and pointer finger.

She arched as my lips closed around her erect clit as my tongue flicked it. I slowly pushed my finger into her as she bucked against my mouth. I sped up my fingers as she cried out as she pulled at the sheets.

"Mio." She whispered as she rode out her climax. I moved back before putting my finger in my mouth.

She was on her knees in front of the bed pulling my pants down, "Bae you ain't gotta do that." I said as she reached in my boxers, taking my dick out.

She smiled up at me before she licked the head as I groaned.


Andrea's POV //

His groans encouraged me, this was the first time I ever let a man touch me willingly. I sucked on the head of his dick as his hands traveled to my hair.

I relaxed my jaw as I slid a little of him in my mouth. He was big, bigger then anyone I ever seen. His dick was thick and straight. All 9 and a half inches trying to fit in my mouth.

I opened my mouth wider as I started to deep throat him. He tugged me back by my hair and kissed me softly before he pushed me back on the bed.

He slid between my thighs before rubbing the head of his dick on my clit before he pushed in me. I cringed as he stretched me. He moved back and forth with the half of him he had in me before putting my legs on his shoulder.

He pulled back till only the head was in before he plunged back in. I moaned loudly as he filled me. Damn I was happy Wayne was at his grandmas house that I had yet to meet.

I cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples softly as he fucked me. The headboard hitting the wall as he pounded into me.

"Fuck," He said, as he speed up his movements.

Ten minutes later I was ready to cum, but I wanted to cum with Jaylen. I moved my hips with his as he moaned, "Damn." He said as he moved in the fast rhythm with me before he buried his head in my neck, "Come for me, baby. Come with me, Mamas."

I cried out before I wrapped my arms around Jaylens neck as his cum filled me. He moaned as slowly stroked me. He kissed my neck up and down before he layed to his side. Bringing me to him before he whispered, "Love you, Mamas."

I was about to reply back before he shushed me and I fell into a perfect sleep.


Jaylen's POV //

I picked Andrea up and scooted from under her before I took a shower. Before I handled business there was some people Andrea needed to meet.

{Pic of Wayne on Chapter 14}

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