Chapter 9 *edited*

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~Emmett's POV~

When Alice sent me upstairs with the girls a couple hours ago, I didn't think I'd be up here for so damn long.

I taught them three different types of poker and they somehow mastered all of them almost immediately. Two hours of playing, and I've lost every time. To a couple little girls. For the sake of my confidence, I would blame it on the fact that Ally can see the future and read my mind, but I've beat Edward and Alice many, many times at this game. In fact, I was undefeated until tonight. It was a really bad idea to play for money.

"Large Strait." Ally says, putting her cards down with a satisfied smirk on her face.

"Small Strait." Renesmee grumbled.

"I've got absolutely nothing. Again." I hissed, watching Ally pocked my dollar.

"Want to play again?" Ally proposed, gathering the cards into a stack.

"No. I think I've had enough poker for one night." I told her. My self-esteem was slowly dropping after every failed game. I need a win. "Do you wanna do an arm wrestle?"

"No way; that's totally unfair! I'm half your size, and we both know that you will win." Renesmee crossed her arms.

"How about a race?" Ally suggested.

"You would win." I pointed out. "How about we see who can jump the farthest?"

"So now we've come to toddler games?" Ally laughed.

"Well, what else do you two want to do?" I asked, getting annoyed.

"Let's just watch TV." Renesmee said, grabbing the remote and pressing the power button. iCarly pops up on the screen and I groan, leaning my head against the wall.

So, this is what Hell is? A grown man sitting in a pink room on a pink bed watching iCarly with a couple little girls that played him out of his money at his favorite game?

After about an hour of torture, Alice pranced in. "Okay, Emmett, get out so I can get Ally ready for her party."

I sped out of there as fast as my legs could take me.

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