Chapter 8 *edited*

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{two months later}

~Alyssa's POV~

There were two reasons behind the fact that I was so excited I was basically vibrating. The first was that I was turning thirty-eight the next day. Yeah, I looked freaking fantastic for my age. No wrinkles yet...or ever. I knew I should probably tell the Cullens about my birthday...that would be awkward if Jake told me happy birthday and everyone just stood there, confused.

The second reason was that I was starting school in a couple weeks with Renesmee. I mean, I had been going to school for so many years, I basically knew the curriculum by heart, but I liked looking like a genius. It's an ego boost for sure. I was going into seventh grade under the alias "Alyssa Cullen", instead of "Alyssa Campbell". The story we all came up with, was that I am Edward's biological little sister and that Carlisle and Esme adopted all of us. So, it was the normal story they tell people, but with an additional kid. Well, two additional kids, seeing as Renesmee was here now too. Alice, Jasper, Bella, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett were starting high school again.

Everyone had warmed up to me now. Jasper and Alice were by far the closest to me, seeing as they were there since day one, but Nessie came in at a close second. I hung out with her quite a bit since I came there.

"Hey, Ally?" Alice called from downstairs.

"Yeah?" I hollered back.

"Why do I see myself buying presents addressed to you?"

"It might be because my birthday is tomorrow."

"WHAT? You didn't think to tell me before now?"

"Sorry," I shrugged, speeding down the stairs to sit on the couch next to Nessie. Rosalie was French braiding her hair as she watched Ghost Whisperer.

"What are you wearing?" Alice asked me, horrified.

I looked down confusedly and replied, "Pajamas. It's only 10:30a.m."

She frustratedly pinched the bridge of her nose and grabbed my hand, pulling me off the couch and saying, "Come on, let's get you ready for the day. You don't even sleep, why do you need pajamas?

"Because they're comfortable." I replied as I was pulled up the stairs.

"Fashion over comfort. Remember that."

She walked into my closet and pulled out an armful of clothing. Five minutes later, I was wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans with a matching vest. Under the vest, I had on a silver tank top that matched the half a dozen bracelets  and rings she put on me. She handed me a pair of wedges, held to my feet by five different colored straps. They were pink, teal, purple, peach, and silver. After that, she pulled me into the bathroom to do my hair and nails. Alice did my nails every single day to go with my outfit, and today they matched the straps of my wedges. Alice really loved putting me in heels.

My pink and blonde hair ended up being straightened before she let me go back downstairs to watch GhostWhisperer with Renesmee.

"I'm going birthday shopping." Alice announced, heading for the door to the garage. "Anyone who wants to join me, come on."

Jasper and Rosalie followed her out.

"I'm going birthday shopping somewhere where Alice won't be. If you're coming, hurry up." Emmett said walking towards the door with everyone except Jake, Nessie, and I, in tow.

"I already got your present." Jake smiled. "It's from Ness and I."

"Thanks, you guys!"

Somewhere between the four episodes of Ghost Whisperer we watched before everyone came back, Jake made popcorn and burned it. I hope Renesmee can cook, because if she can't, then when she gets older and they get a house together, they will starve to death.

"Ally, don't go in the garage." Carlisle said, walking in. "Your presents are in there."

Alice ran in and squealed, "You are going to love your presents! I swear, if you go into the future and look, I will rip your head off."

"Calm down; I won't look." I reassured her.

"Oh, look at the time. You should go to bed now, Ally." Alice said, looking at a non-existent watch on her wrist.

"It's like four o' clock. And I don't even sleep." I argued.

"Fine. Emmett, go entertain her until I say it's okay to come out of her room." Alice instructed.

"Time to teach my newest little sister and my niece how to play poker." He grinned, picking the two of us up and running up to my room. He set us down and sat on my bed, taking a pack of cards out of his pocket and setting them on the comforter.

"Okay, so here is how you play..." he began dealing out the cards.

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