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Imagine a world like ours, now i want you to take that world and fill full of sand like a giant sand box. That is the world of Blank. A place that  has bandits and drifters, a place that a normal job would be ten times harder than what you or I would do on a normal day. People are always worried about if their town has enough food or water for all its inhabitants or if they can keep out the bandits to keep their families safe. Now there is a legend on this planet that says the world wasn't always covered in sand. That the world had plants and water too. It is also rumored that they even had the technology to make whatever they wanted from anything they could find. Now here is the tricky question: How could something like this simply disappear without a trace you say? Well we don't know but what we do know is that there are ruins covering the world and people hope that these ruins hold the key to their salvation. Now don't let it go to your heads thinking that it is easy to just go to one of these ruins. No they have monsters and some of the bandits have made these places there hideout. Don't lose faith yet though because there are some brave souls who risk their lives to try to bring this planet back to life. Some just do it to try and become rich off the spoils they find in there. Others do it just to make a living for their families, and they are called Diggers.

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