Chapter Thirty-One» Let Me Heal You

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They say dreams have a certain tendency to send a message across; as if the very earth wants to warn you. To whisper a tale of the future yet at the same time remain vague. As though they want to scream, shout, yell yet they are shackled to their despair. Unable to move.

I knew this was a dream. This couldn't be true. I needed to wake up; yet no matter how much I tried. I couldn't wake up.

I was falling, down a deep hole. No matter how much I screeched, how much I cried. My voice remained deaf to the world, numbed away, unable to be heard.

The cold water was rapidly drifting through my nose; making its way past my ears, pulling me further down. It's chilly hands gripping against my flesh.

Darkness invaded my gaze; blinding my vision. Trying to swim upwards I felt my limbs paralysed, unable to move, unable to do anything.

All around me, darkness painted each corner, pulling me further down. To helł. Blinking through the ice water, I could see the familiar blonde hair moving against the current.

All it took was a split second, for my world to crash seeing the familiar figure limp against the water. The once light blue eyes, that sparked with life now remained stitched, unable to glance at the world, unable to see its beauty.

The once happiness on his features now remained deadpan as I found myself screeching, wanting to swim towards him.

Wanting to move forward, seeing Aman's face dark blue, the life within washed away.

" Aman. Aman" I cried out trying to reach towards his body. Moving my arms as fast I could, I realised my movements remained insoluble against the force gripping against me.

I couldn't move.

I was shackled on to the darkness, pulling me further down the hole of darkness.

" Aman wake up. Aman please" I begged feeling blurry tears blind my vision. Breathing, such a simple task became difficult.

Trying to swim forward a dark fog slowly surrounded him, mummifying his features, little by little. Till nothing remained to see.

He was going to dıe. Oh God no,


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