Fate Reloaded--Chapter One

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Hi everyone! I'm so happy that you've decided to join me on another writing journey, this time with Fate Reloaded! As always, I appreciate the love and support. Even when my projects are a little more, well...out there. This is one of those books. It's unlike anything you've ever read before, but I know you're up for the challenge!

Fate Reloaded came about when I was asked by a friend whether I believed in fate or free will. I told her that I believed in a little bit of both. I think there are certain things that are fated to happen in life: a volcano errupts, floods happen, a person dies. But we also have some control over our own destiny's. Because, depending on the decisions we make, our lives may be impacted by those fated events. If you decide to go out of town the weekend the flood hits, you're in the clear, but what if you decided to stay home? How would your life be different then? All because of one seemingly small choice.

That's what Fate Reloaded is about. How those small decisions can impact the rest of your life. In the book, our main character, Jordana Kane, has to decide whether to go to the movies with her friends. Not a big deal, right? Well, for Jordana, whatever she chooses, her life's going to change...drastically. So, in this book, there are four different stories. The only thing that actually happens for certain is the first chapter. After that, you'll get a look at what would happen to Jordana after she makes the decision to go or not.

That's right. Four books in one! And they're all different genres (don't worry, they all have a little bit of romance in them!), so there's a little something for everyone. I hope you like the book and please don't hesitate to leave your comments below!

Thanks again and I'll be seeing you back here every Saturday!


Chapter One

            “Jordana, you got anything in your kitchen besides tofu and brussel sprouts?” Sarafina Radford asked as she rifled through the cabinets in the kitchen.

            Jordana Kane turned on the radio in her living room and then headed toward the back of her house. Once there, she watched as her friend Sara opened and closed the cabinets and then moved on to the fridge. Before Sara could open up the freezer, Jordana had crossed the room, a bag of chips in hand.

            “Here you go,” Jordana said with a smile.

            Sara examined the bag, and after a moment, ripped the top open. Shoving a handful of nacho cheesy goodness into her mouth, Sara added, “I don’t know how you can stand all that health-food crap your mom keeps around here.”

            Grabbing a banana from the fruit basket on the counter, Jordana followed Sara back into her living room, where her friends Desi Marsden, Kaleigh Sherwin and Melina Wynne were all dancing around to the now blaring radio.

            “I mean, it’s no wonder you’re such a twig,” Sara shouted with her mouth full, as she collapsed backward onto the couch.

            “It’s not that bad,” Jordana said, peeling her banana and taking a bite. “My mom gets junk food every once in a while. You know, whenever I get sick of the other stuff.”

            This wasn’t exactly true. Jordana actually quite liked the health-food kick her family had been on for the past few years. And it was her mom who made sure there was an ample supply of chips and cookies in the house, for those times when she herself needed a little sugar. But she wasn’t about to admit this to Sara and the others.

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