skip school is over 

Christopher pov

their this new girl in are class and shes such a geek i love bothering her me and the boys are walking home and see her walking to this is going to be fun .

rayray;look the nerd 

we walk behind her and ray push her to the ground and goes on top of her to hold her down prod and roc hold her arm down ray gets off of her and we all beat her up 

jasmine; crying

prince;is the little baby crying

roc ;do you want your mommy and daddy


midnight;run to a house close the door

Christopher;yo she my neighbor 

boys;know you can torture after school bye dude

Christopher; when they left i knocked on her door

midnight;open trys to shut but he walks in

jasmine;you have to leave 

Christopher;is your mom or dad home


Christopher;walks up to her room hello kitty every where was in her room

jasmine;run to her room]GET OUT

Christopher;NO pushes he on the bed and gets on top of her 

jasmine pov

was he going to rape me

Christopher ;do no ever yell at me again or will fuck u up gets up

jasmine;starts to cry

Christopher;you are so such a cry baby smacks her and leaves

6 years later

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