Chapter 4

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(Anna's P.O.V)

"Anna! You have to get ready for school" I hear hunter yell from his room. I slowly get up and start getting ready. I put on my ripped jeans and a white shirt with a pikachu on it with my red high tops. "Okay I am ready." I say walking to the living room. Nate and Hunter where waiting there sitting on the couches. I am still upset that I have to live with Nate as if I don't see him enough at school all ready. "Well let's get going" Hunter says walking out to the car. I grab my backpack and follow him. We get in the car Hunter is driving I am in the passengers seat and Nate sits in the back. After like 20 minutes we finally get to school, Thanks traffic. I get out of the car and go find Arianna right away.

 "Hey Anna." She says waving to me. "Hi Ari!" I say walking up to her. "So you never told me is Nate you partner in all you classes." she asks me sitting down. "All but science my partner is some kind name Matthew Patrick but he told me to cal him Matpat." I tell her sitting next to her. " That's cool, you don't have Nate as a partner in all your classes." She says to me. "True, I just wish we could still be friends like we where back in middle school, than it would be no problem." I say pulling out a folded up picture of Hunter, Nate, Arianna and me in the 8th grade. When we good friends, I wish we still where. I had some feeling for Nate, but by now they died. Nate use to be so sweet and funny, can't believe he gave it all up just to fit in. Arianna snaps me out of my thought. "You okay?" she asks me. "Oh yeah just thinking." I say folding the picture up. "About what?" She says look at me with interest. "When we where all friends." I say putting the picture in my pocket. "And when you liked Nate." She says smirking. "Yeah yeah, But he's just a jerk now." I say. "Aw you two would have been cute together." She says smiling. "Ha, maybe." I say standing up. "It's true." She says standing. "Let's just walk around for a bit." I say. "Okay, but you two would have been." She says. I laugh a bit and we start walking around till the bell rings.

(Nate's P.O.V) 

We get to school and Anna goes to see Arianna. Hunter and I go food then sit down till the bell rings. I pull out the picture I found in my old room last night. Look at us happy, still best friends. I miss those days, I just had to ruin it. "What you looking at?" Hunter asks me. "Oh a picture I found in my old room last night." I say but before I could put it away Hunter grabs it. "Oh I remember this, fun times." He says looking at the picture. I nod and take the picture back.

 "I know Anna hates you. I want you guy to get along with out me forcing it." He says to me. " I know, I miss those times." I say putting the picture away. "What happen that made her hate you anyway." He asks taking a bite of his apple. "Well she said it was when we started high school I became a jerk just to fit in" I say looking at the ground. The truth is I had feelings for Anna, and I think I still do. It hurt to know she hates me.She's the sweetest girl I have ever met, I fell in love with her. I hate my self for messing it all up. "NATE!" I hear Hunter yell. "Oh what?" I ask him. "You spaced out there man." He says throwing his trash away. "I was just thinking." I say getting up. "Well the bell is going to ring soon." He says. " Yeah see you later." I say then the bell rings. I walk to class and sit in my seat, Anna walks in and takes her seat. Maybe I should try talking to her. so we can be friends again "Hey." I say to her. She looks at me then looks at the board.  I feel a slight pain in my chest as if some one had poked my heart with a needle. I put my head down on the desk till teacher begins class. Why did I feel that pain when she did't say hi back? I just don't know.....


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