Have you ever wondered what its like wondering when your gonna finally fall in love? Watching your best friend have the time of her life while your stuck in the background waiting to find your "true love"? Well that's me. Cassidy is the name and I'm an 19 year old werewolf without a mate. I have dark tan skin long black hair and beautiful blue eyes. I've only had 3 boyfriends in my entire life which never lasted even in my dreams. My mom who is some where older than 30 is a third in command and my dad about the same age is a very proud beta. Both met and mated at the age of 17 where as i'm stuck looking and they keep nagging. The best friend mentioned above is a girl named Ebony.Ebony is beautiful with long blonde hair and semi tanned skin. Her hair is a beautiful wave and she dresses like a super model. Ebony and me have been best friends since day one, since her father is the alpha of our pack (shadow wolfs). Me and her do everything together and are practically twins...

That was until last year when Ebony met Link Alpha of the Lockheart Pack. One of the most feared alphas in the U.S for more than one reason. And Ebony's father is all for them getting married, Regardless if they aren't mates. Ebony now spends day in and out with Link at his pack learning the ropes of being a Luna. Not to be the jealous friend but i mean come on! Seriously they aren't even mates so why should she hog all the hot boys. Not to mention i haven't talked to her in weeks... And that's never happened with us before... She hates going a day without saying even hello to me. I guess i'm happy that she found someone... I just wish she  still had time for friends to be in her life and not just him.... 

Chapter 1: Pack Life

Being around the pack with little to no friends was boring. I would do the normal runs with the rest of the fighters and we of course would train for any battle may one come. However i'm not really friends with any of the girls here. Mostly just ebony and the guys.

Don't get me wrong the guys are cool, but to them i'm just the little sister who has nothing to do so she joins in. Truth is, i'm forced to by my father and alpha. He thinks it will be oh so good for me if I get to train and fight even though i'll never be beta or third in command. I guess he is just looking out for me which most parents do... 

The boys still didn't like me around either way. They are the only people who don't see me as crazy and they are all pretty chill too. Jake Ebony's brother, looks just like his father Malcolm, dark hair and dark eyes with just the right tan and way jacked! Calvin (My Brother) boring, lame and all around weird, but a good pack brother! Shane (Soon to be third in command), You don't see too much of him unless you are around the boys, he is shy but he is like they say, tall, dark and handsome.

Those three boys would make an impressive pack once they all take on their leadership. Jake and Calvin should have taken on their new positions two years ago when they turned 18 but they turned it down waiting to "level up" with their best friend. Soon though they will take over and all of our fathers can give it a rest. I think they all need it given all the pack wars they have been through and all the drama they still go through. No matter what anyone says, packs are just like high school... only cooler fights. Unless your dealing with a backstabbing best friend.. in which case... it's less cool....

Man I just wish she would call me, but I guess since i'm just part of the pack and not a beta or anything i'm not as important. She's even called my mom like three times since she left, but not once has she called me or even tried to pass me a hello through my mother. Didn't she care about her best friend? Or am I just another person from the pack?

I was so lost in thought while on our rounds i forgot that we were done. Pulling up to the alphas house, I could hear the boys laughing and howling on their way inside to get some food. I stayed behind not in the mood to be in Ebony's house while she wasn't around... Or worse while she was around.Though i hadn't heard of her being back yet and normally everyone hears about little miss perfect coming home.

Instead I took off running feeling my wolf on edge. Being away from her only friend has caused my wolf to be uneasy. She feels betrayed and she isn't handling the feeling well. She wants a fight, I even told my mom what was going on but she had little to no sympathy saying the usual "you need to grow up" or "Get over it". Not even is my mom my best friend...

I was running for at least two hours before I noticed I was on the edge of the territory line. Not usually like me to run so far but given my wolfs agitation i guess she was headed for the source... I was close enough to the road, And after a few short breathes I could see the big black SUV's carrying Ebony back into our lands. I could see that she had someone with her which could only mean the man of the hour was, for the first time, in our lands. I was so not in the mood to meet or greet him. 


I knew exactly who that was the second i heard her barge in to my mind.

"Can I help you princess?"

"Don't need to be a bitch. Thought you might miss your best friend. Guess I was wrong."

"Some best friend since you can't even call me once."

"Cass it's not like that, can we please talk? I missed my best friend and I want to see you! We can do our usual slumber party with chips and ice cream!"

"I'll pass. Have fun with Mr.Perfect."

After that i blocked her off and ran right next to the SUV's. Ebony was looking right at me as i snapped my teeth at her and took off. Maybe it was harsh but I was hurt and upset. Ebony knew my past and knew how much i hated being disrespected.

I could feel her eyes on me like hawks and I could hear her wolf getting angrier each second as I ran and kept speed with the trucks even though I had no problem getting ahead of them. They weren't going that fast anyways so what did I care? 

Ebony believe it or not would always be jealous of my rather large female wolf. Not many she-wolfs are as big as I am. Guess it doesn't help I'm skinny as hell in my human form though. I watched my black tinted paws as they raked the ground speeding back to the pack house. My burgundy coat shimmered in the day light. If it wasn't for my piercing electric blue eyes and my long lashes, i would look like a regular male wolf.

In fact the driver thought I was a male wolf until I looked right at him and noticed his jaw drop open and the car swerve as he quickly tried to avoid a bump in the road. Laughing to myself I sped up and ran faster than the cars and into the security of the familiar woods. Smelling all the wonders of nature as I ran quickly to the house trying to beat Ebony there so I wouldn't need to deal with conflicts. Mother already mentioned the lovely guests would be staying at our house while Ebony's room was being taken apart for her grand leaving.

I stopped a mile from the house to change into my clothes. Pulling my dark brown hair to the side and letting each curl feel the air coarse through it as i ran on two feet instead of four. My jean shorts and tube top were an interesting combo to run with. Pulling up on the black top and pulling down on the dark ripped shorts. To some i looked hot, Others called me a slut, and me, i find myself beautiful no matter what they are saying. I didn't have a reason to care for their tiny jealousy of my beautiful body. And yeah i'm confident, but guys love a confident women.

Nearing the house I slowed down and made my way up the door steps as I heard the gates open to let the SUV's into the driveway. Without looking back, I walked into the house hearing my parents in the library I decided to let them know who was here.

"Troubles home." i hollered knowing my parents were able to hear me. 

"That is no way to talk about your best friend!" my mother scolded.

"Ya well what ever." I mumbled. I walked up the stairs just in time to hear the doors open and hear my mother squeal like a pig as my best friend was welcomed back with open arms by everybody...

everybody but me....

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