01. Shippity Ship.

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"Finally! We've made it out!" I cried gleefully.

"Mr. Linton, be quiet! They could hear us!" Mr. Ambrose said, a cold look thrown at me.

"Yes Sir. Sorry Sir." We heard shouts from the guards who had been chasing us, thankfully we were in a bush, hidden from sight. "Sir?"

"Mr. Linton?"

"What do we do now?"

"We wait. We wait until they've scattered to look for us and then we escape. It will take," he pulled out his watch. "Three minutes and twenty eight seconds."

I sighed and waited for three minutes and twenty eight seconds. It took forever but I waited all the same. I wonder what happened to the fat man who'd offered us food and wine. Was he alright? He had fallen over hadn't he?

"Now Mr. Linton!" I jumped at the sound of his voice and followed him out of the bush.

"Where do we find a ship? There are none in sight!"

"Patience Mr. Linton. We'll find one." And with that, Mr. Ambrose walked away. Again I sighed and this time followed him to wherever he was going.

It took a while to find a ship. The one that we came on was nowhere in sight strangely. We did find another one though. It was a bit smaller than the Nemesis. This was called the S.S. and that was it. The paint on the side was faded and indiscernible. It was also old, to say the least.

"Come Mr. Linton. This is the ship we use."

"Don't tell me you can steer a ship sir!"

"Quiet. Quickly, onto the ship." He went up the ladder first and I followed him. The ship was empty thankfully. But either way Mr. Ambrose wanted to check and make sure he, rather I, was right. "No one on board." He said before leaving me on the deck again. I sighed and wandered on the deck, thinking about the whole event. Mr. Ambrose had a father? Why hasn't he mentioned him? Does he have a mother? What does the family crest on his watch represent? Did he lie to that guard? Suddenly, the ship started to move and I almost fell backwards.

What's going on? Does Mr. Ambrose know how to steer a ship?

I went downstairs and heard a noise. I couldn't tell what kind of noise, but it was definitely coming from... I'd reached a fork. What in the name of Queen Victoria!? I tried listening for the noise again and found out that it was coming from the right. I went in that direction and continued on until I found a door with a circular window with a metal ring around it. I peeked through the window and found Mr. Ambrose's back facing me. From what I could tell, his hands were holding onto a steering wheel. Although I was not too sure but that's what it looked like.

I wish I knew how to steer a ship! That and how to use a gun! I wonder what Patsy would say when I told her.

Patsy... Ella... Aunt Brank... I wonder if they're worried about me. Blast! Aunt would give me hell once I came back home. All I can do is hope that there's another ball tonight, just so it can distract her!

I walked away from the door and went back to the fork where I turned to the left. Boy, was I tired. All that excitement from waking up so early, trying to not get caught by the guards, landing in a crate with him, getting the file and escaping made me like to rest for a bit.

I found myself in another room, this one with bunk beds. I lay down on a random one and soon drifted off to sleep, exhaustion falling upon me like rain.

* * *

"Mr. Linton! How many times do I have to call your name?" I woke with a start.

"Wuzzgoinon?" I said groggily, sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

"Mr. Linton, I have been trying to get you to wake for the past four minutes and sixteen seconds. Come on now, we've arrived at London!" Mr. Ambrose said before leaving the room. I got up and looked around the room, memories of what'd happened earlier coming back to me. Oh right. We'd gotten the file, gone in a mine cart chase and escaped. We're in London already? I must've slept for a long time. I thought before leaving the room and walking to the deck of the ship. Once there, I was Mr. Ambrose walking along the dock.

"Sir! Hey, wait up!" I cried before dashing down the ladder and catching up to him by running.

"Sahib!" Came a voice from far along the deck. It was Karim. "Sahib where were you? I had been looking around for hours but I could not find you! Have you gotten the file?"

"Indeed I have. Come quickly, no time must be wasted in getting back to the Empire House."

"Yes sahib." Karim looked at me once and I shrugged. Mr. Ambrose really didn't want to be here right now. Makes sense. I didn't want to be here either.

* * *

Within about ten minutes, after meeting up with Warren, talking to him and finding out that the guards had all magically disappeared, we reached the Empire House.

"Mr. Linton?" Mr. Ambrose said as soon as we got off the carriage and entered the building.

"Yes Sir?"

"I think it's time for you to leave now. You have... helped me immensely... and I thank you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a file to look at." And with that Mr. Ambrose left, walking a bit stiffly. I blinked after him. Did he just... Did Mr. Rikkard Ambrose just thank me?! And say that I helped him? Has he lost his mind?! He did not waste some amount of his time being polite just now.. Did he? What did this mean? Did he really mean it? Does that mean that he... Lik-

NO! He was just referring it to you as just a simple thank you, crazily enough. He does NOT like you in that way! Don't think such foolish thoughts Lilly! Just change and go home! Mr. Ambrose doesn't seem to want you in his presence anymore, like he usually is like. Go home and worry about Aunt Brank!!!

I blinked again before turning around, feeling a bit dazed. I walked out of the building and got into a carriage and was driven back home.


Hello there! This is actually my very first fanfiction on this site. Huzzah! xD I really hope you liked this chapter. I had to try and remember a lot of parts which was a bit tough, but I got it down. Sorry that the ending is so weak, I tried! Don't worry the next couple chapters will be MUCH better than this one. heh. ;-) Remember, the characters were created by Sir Rob Thier, not me. All credit goes to him for that. Go Sir Rob! Also note that this is a fanfic too, so I'm not copying Sir Rob. I actually don't know what'll happen in chapter 95, I have hunches (as do my friends mentioned in the description), but it probably won't be accurate.

I really hope you liked this starter! Next chapter will most probably be released tomorrow. Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you wish! BYE NOW C:

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