Chapter 4: Picnic and panick

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After a while, Louis parked the car. We all got out, and I was, once again, owerwhelmed. We were facing a long, green meadow, flowers scattered everywhere. There were trees and bushes, and the sun shined brightly.

Liam had apparently left the kitchen, packed a picnic-basket, and returnef without my notice. We brought this basket with us, Liam and Zayn bantering over who got to carry it. After deciding sitting in the shadows of a tree would be best, we all started to eat; it was obvious none of us had eaten for a while. Even though I hated admitting it, the food was delicious and Harry and Sarah did actually look cute together. But that did not mean I forgave him for breaking my heart, and not telling Sarah his actual name.

We soon finished eating, and everyone would suddenly jump up, exclaim something ("Who's in on checking out that forest?", "Can we play with the frisbee now?" or "The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle.")
Wait, wrong book.

I did not move an inch, even though Sarah kept on insisting that I should "join the holy circle of friendship". She was a bit weird. A bit.

Even though most of us tried to have a good time, it soon got boring with our limited access to, well, fun. A quick discussion made it clear that we should head for a walk, and Harry brought up the idea to go to the nearby cliff. Nobody had any better ideas, so we followed Mr. I-can't-even-remember-my-old-girlfriend and his new girlfriend's lead.

The cliff wasn't far away. We stopper a little before we actually reached it, deciding to split up, seeing as Zayn and Liam wanted to go to the beach, and Sarah wasn't able to decide where she really wanted to go. Neither Harry nor Louis wanted to split up, and as the discussion continued, I decided to take a look at the cliff.

In silence, I walked away, not wanting attention. I soon reached the end of the cliff. Looking down, it was clear how beautiful the sea really was. Blue, lazy waves made their way over the water, and fish would occasionally jump up in the air, just like they were trying to impress me. Wanting to be able to see it more clearly, maybe even catch a glimpse of the beach, I leaned forward.

I screamed as I fell.

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