Perfect Christmas

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So I noticed a lot of you couldn't find this story anymore (since it the Christmas anthology it was written for was taken down from Wattpad and I did not know about it)so I've now made it available here for u to enjoy!

Note: This takes place in December 2015, five months after the epilogue of Perfect Addiction. A year before Perfect Christmas 2.0

[Sienna's POV]

      I've been through difficult times. Really difficult times.

      I've been cheated on by my ex-boyfriend, betrayed by my sister and abandoned by my parents. I watched as my mother went off to build another life without me. I've watched my father marry countless of times only to have him divorce them in a couple of months. I've also caught my boyfriend and my sister in bed. Together.

    I've been through hell and back the past several months and I was pretty damn sure I've endured all that life had to throw at me.

    But nothing could have prepared me for this.

    Nothing could have prepared me for the toughest challenge of my life:

    Teaching Kayden how to ski.

    "Come on, Kayden." I groan, gripping my ski poles tighter. We haven't even gone down the slope yet—we've been stuck at the top for more than an hour because Kayden hasn't got the hang of it yet. I'm half tempted to drag his ass to the beginner's class where Cara has begrudgingly signed up for. "How hard is it to make the damn V? You just have to place your legs outwards..."

    "Dammit, Lucky, I'm trying." Kayden glares at me. "It's not as easy at it seems."

    "Kayden, even five-year-olds can do it."

    "Is that supposed to make me feel better?" He sneers and I roll my eyes.

    "Look, all you have to do is just squat like this..." I lean forward and bend my legs, so that my butt sticks up. My gaze is so focused on the slope in front of me, my mouth watering at just the thought of going downhill with my skis, that I don't even notice Kayden staring at my ass.

    I nudge his shoulder, trying to look irritated as hell, attempting to fight off the smile on my face. "Stop it. Stop staring at my ass."

    "I can't help it. Your ass looks really good in those pants," Kayden murmurs and I snort.

    "I'm too irritated with you right now to take that as a compliment," I say. "Kayden, I love you, but if you don't get the hang of it soon, I'm going down that damn slope without you."

    "It's always ultimatums with you, isn't it?" He teases. "And I'm trying, Lucky. I really am. Don't you think I feel bad enough for making you wait for me?"

    I frown, noticing the look of guilt on his face and it makes my features soften. Dammit. I hate looking into his eyes—the emotions that he hold in there has the ability to undo me. I'm always soft when I'm around him.

    Too bad I can't say the same about him when he's around me.

    I sigh out of frustration. Get a grip, Sienna. Act tough. You got this. "Just... just get into a squatting position. If you wanna turn right, you do this..." I angle the poles so they're facing the left. "If you wanna turn left, you go the opposite. You got it?"

    Kayden mutters swear words under his breath. "This is harder than getting you to say I love you to me."

    A laugh escapes me. "If you can fight in an underground circuit for three years and still come out of every fight alive, you can do this."

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