Amber's PoV

I paced in my room in flipside twisting my ring a bit. Something just doesn't feel right. It usually doesn't rain in Flipside, doesn't snow either. But right now it's storming, like very windy lightning, thunder storming... I jumped a bit as lightning struck outside my window then a huge clap of thunder.
"Princess Amber, your mother would like to see you." A servant said as he knocked on my door.
"A-alright. I'll be down in a minute." I told him as j went to my closet and pulled out a mint dress that has small flowers on the upper part. I put it in quickly and started to leave, putting my hair into a braid.
<<A few moments later.>>
I sat in my chair as my mother, Queen Lana walked in. She wasn't my first mother. I had two. Princess Peach was my birth mother. Queen Lana is the Second Consort, she was a Flipsiden (not even sure if that's a word tbh xD). Princess peach had passed away 2 years ago. My father, Luigi, was sat next to me, reading his book. Mario also passed away a few years back. Luigi is my adopted father/Uncle. He acts so much like Mario but is a lot nicer and caring. He's amazing. He let me have pixls in my room again!

I stared at mother as she walked closer to me. I'm going to be honest. I fucking hate the women. She acts like  she's better than everyone and just Ugh! She's annoying!

"Amber." "Mother."
"I called you down to tell you... To tell you that you will no longer be going to that school in Hareview. It's just a waste of time." Mother smiled as she said that. I took in a breath as the words reached me. I saw father out of the corner of my eyes shut his book and remove his glasses. Warm tears started to fall down my cheeks.
"N-no... N-no..." I whispered as more tears fell.
"No! I won't allow it!" Father was standing in front of me, I couldn't see his face and I was afraid to see it.
"You made her Leave Flipside because you didn't want her! Now you want her to stay?! Why?! She's so much happier going to school in Hareview!" Father yelled, mother unflinching.
"You have no word in this."
Neither do you!" Father retorted back.
"Enough!" I yelled, wiping the tears off my face.
"Mother, I will continue going to Hareview high, no matter what you say-" I got cut off by a crash from the window. I picked up the shell and looked at it. I didn't  get time to scream as Goomba's and Koopa troopers came in through the windows, breaking them. Hammer bros followed them, grinning evilly.
I was suddenly forced into a bag, watching as toads and other troops ran in, helping Luigi fight. Someone put a rag over my face as a roar rang out.

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