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Hey! :)

This story is a sequel to Life, Love & Cupcakes. HOWEVER, it can be read by itself; any references to LL&C will be explained. Also, since I am Australian, it will be set in (you guessed it!) Australia. :)

As for the blurb (is that what it's called? :P), I didn't know how to describe this story quite yet, so I just put in a little excerpt. ;)

Enjoy! <3


   "Truth or dare, Bek?" Sam asked, holding me closer to his chest underneath the wooly blanket. I grinned and tried to ignore the feeling of the rocking boat beneath me.

   "Truth," I answered.

   "Hmm." He took one of his hands off my back and stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Would you ever...kiss a monkey?"

   "Of course," I laughed. I placed my hand on the back of his head, brought his lips down to mine, and kissed him softly. "See?"

   It took him a while to get my joke, but when he did, he stopped kissing and pulled away. "Ouch," he chuckled. "Alright, then. Your turn."

   "Okay," I giggled. "Truth or dare?"

   After a few seconds of pondering, he answered, "Truth."

   It didn't take me long to think of a question. After all, I'd been wanting to ask it for the whole night, and this was probably the best opportunity. "Why did you invite me on a boat ride tonight, even though you know I hate boats?" I inwardly cursed myself for being so abrupt, but Sam didn't seem to mind.

   "Because I knew you'd still say yes," he said plainly.

   "Oh?" I sat up and wrapped the blanket around my shoulders. Even though it was late September, a cold Winter chill still hung in the air, and I was only wearing Sam's maroon jersey. "And why were you so sure?"

   "Because you love me." He sat up, too, and took my hands in his. "And loving me is more important than anything."

   "You're so cocky," I laughed. "Alright, I suppose that's true. Your turn."

   "Truth or dare?" he asked slowly, saying it like an overused mantra.

   "Dare," I said bravely.

   "Hmm," he grinned. "Give me a minute to think."

   I nodded and sat back while he thought. My fingers found their way to my silver necklace, and I smiled while I turned the heart-shaped charm in little circles. Sam had given it to me as an apologetic gift ten months ago, and I'd barely taken it off since. Since he was otherwise distracted, I couldn't help but stare at him. He had changed so much in the last ten months; his once shaggy brown hair was now short and fuzzed, he had grown much taller, and three weeks on a rehabilitation camp had left him tanned and muscled. If it wasn't for his stunning blue eyes, I probably wouldn't even recognise him anymore.

   His style had changed, too. While he used to love wearing casual tank tops and shorts, he now went for tight jeans and sporty shirts. Even tonight, the first night we'd spent together in weeks, he'd opted to wear trackies and a football jersey.

   On the other hand, I hadn't changed much at all. I was still tall and slim, with grassy green eyes and clear olive skin. My wavy brown hair was still the same, except it now reached my waist and sported a thick side fringe. And my style? In cold weather like this, skinny jeans and loose jumpers. Usually.

   Earlier tonight, being my clumsy self, I had fallen into the river when we were boarding the boat. My clothes had been soaked when Sam pulled me back out, and I was forced to strip down to my underwear. Luckily, Sam had lent me his jersey, leaving him without a shirt and me without pants. Hey, neither of us were complaining.

   "Bek? Did you hear me?" Sam asked, waving his hand in front of my face.

   "Oh, sorry," I gasped, feeling my cheeks go hot. I hadn't even realised that I'd zoned out. "What did you say?"

   A mischievous grin spread across his face. "I said, I dare you to sleep out here tonight, with me, on the deck."

   My breath caught in my chest, and I felt my mouth drop open. "O-Out here? In the open? On a...on a BOAT?" Visions of being seasick during the night filled my mind, and I had the feeling my face was turning green.

   "Yes," he chuckled. "I mean..." He gestured to the pillows and blankets surrounding us. "We have everything we need. It's a nice night. The weather's—" As soon as he looked up into the night sky, a troubled look crossed his face.

   "What?" I asked, taking his hands and following his gaze. I couldn't see anything terrible, only a couple of...rain clouds... "Oh, shoot!" I cried. I started gathering the blankets up into my arms.

   It's not that I was worried about getting wet; no, I was worried about Sam. You see, his dad had died in a car crash a few years ago, which had been caused by heavy rain. Even though he had been in therapy recently, thunderstorms still upset Sam, and I didn't want to put him through anything that traumatic.

   "You take the pillows," I told him. A few raindrops landed on my arms and head as I stood up and started making my way to the cabin doors. As soon as I was in the room, I dropped my armful and let out a relieved sigh. "That was close," I said exhaustedly.

   "Bek?" Sam called out behind me, and I spun around to look at him. To my surprise, he was still out in the rain.

   "What are you doing?" I gasped, running out to him and grabbing his arms. "Come inside! It's raining!"

   "There's something I have to do," he said quietly. I released my grip on his arms and looked up at his wet face. The rain started hitting my eyes and nose as well, but I didn't mind.

   "What?" I asked, as he ran his fingers up the sides of my neck and held my face gently.

   "This," he answered. Before I could say anything, he brought his lips down to mine and kissed me. I placed my hands on his firm stomach, and soon enough, we were kissing each other passionately. His mouth moved down further, exploring my neck, and I let out a happy sigh.

   The rain grew heavier and heavier, and my hair started to plaster itself against my cheeks annoyingly. When I couldn't take it any longer, I pulled back and laughed awkwardly.

   "What?" he chuckled, amusement playing in his eyes.

   "We're kissing in the rain," I groaned. "That's so cliché."

   "And yet, it's still amazing," he pointed out. "Much better than I imagined."

   "You imagined it?" I asked with a grin. "That's so weird!"

   "Oh, whatever," he laughed. "Come on, let's just go inside." He wrapped his fingers around my hand and started to walk towards the cabin.

   "That," I began, skipping after him, "is a very good idea."


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