Chapter 2: New Drama Started

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After that little fiasco a week ago, I was bored as hell. I figured it was time to stir some new drama. As I walked down the hallway, Vera popped up out of nowhere and said, "Hey Autumn, what's up?"

A 'what's up' from Vera meant, 'do you have any gossip??'

"Nothing, bye," I said sharply as I breezed past her. Nosy annoying ass bitch. I wasn't gonna give her anything to talk about.

She looked confused and kept up with my pace as we walked side by side. What the hell is wrong with this girl?? She pranced past me, twirled, and blocked my path. I rolled my eyes as she said, "Well, that nothing has to be something."

As I walked past her, I heard her mutter, "I'll find out."

I rolled my hazel eyes as I spotted Daisy Harp talking to her friends. Her and Vera were best friends, I wasn't surprised because ever since they started hanging out. Vera has been copying Daisy with her prancing, skipping, and twirling. The shit was ridiculous.

Vera will not back out of my business and always sticking her nose in my shit when she doesn't belong. She got my blood boiling, she needs to shut the fuck up.

Another girl that got on my nerves was Elena Garth, I wanted to punch the shit out of her and everyone knew that we didn't like each other.

I knew she cheated on her boyfriend, Dean Lots with Lenia Gens, her friend and also cheated on those two with her other friend, Callie Barton and made a sex tape. No one knew that she was bisexual since she was trying to build her perfect cheerleader status, but with being captain and all, wouldn't be a shame if someone let it slip that she cheated on her boyfriend with her friends and she cheated on them with someone else and made a sex tape? Now, who would do a thing like that? Me, of course.

I went up to this random girl and whispered to her the secret that Elena had.

She glanced at me with wide eyes, I told her, "I heard it from someone." She scattered to a group of girls and guys and told them.

In no time, Elena Garth's name was in everyone's mouth and 'someone' was the cause of it. I giggled and sat on an empty rusty table on the school's patio and rested my head in my hands as I examined my tattoos. I smirked when I saw Elena rush past me in her tiny cheerleading uniform. Her shiny brown hair was pulled back in a sleek ponytail, giving everyone a full view of her face when she found out someone spread her secret.

She was talking to the other cheerleaders, so I got up and sat at another empty table to hear what they were saying to her.

I recognized one of the cheerleaders; Nina Samson as she said, "Do you realize that you almost ruined the spotless name of the Shamrock High Clover Cheerleaders?? You being a splat could damage us, us cheerleaders don't represent splats! You not about to ruin this damn team, I'm not about to let that shit happen."

I thought some of you do, I said to myself quietly.

The look on Elena's face was priceless when she said, "What are you guys talking about??"

Nina snapped, "I heard you cheated on Dean with Lenia and Callie and made a sex tape! Is that true?"

Elena looked down and chewed her lip when she finally nodded.

Nina said, "As co-captain, who votes to have Elena kicked off?"

All of them raised their hands as Nina spoke, "You're off the squad and the coach will make it official. Don't try no other shit because I'll beat yo ass." They walked away, leaving Elena looking like someone ran over her puppy.

I giggled quietly with glee as she shrieked with anger and stormed off.

The rest of the day went on smoothly as Scarlet and I laughed about the shit I caused. I really didn't give a fuck that I got that bitch kicked off the team, does it sound like I care?? Didn't think so.

A lot of people knew to steer clear of me because I whoop would their asses. It's not my fault I deal with a bunch of pricks.

Before sixth period started, we were escorted to the auditorium for an assembly. They were honoring the schools teams and clubs; football team, volleyball team, basketball team, step team, swim team, chess club, chorus, key club, and more, including the cheer team.

"We would like to say thank you to these teams and that you students took the time out of your day and contributed to something," Mr. Carlton beamed.

The different teams stood on the huge stage and glanced out into the crowd. "Now the cheerleaders, will perform."

The crowd cheered and I glanced to see Elena pissed off, crossing her arms over her chest, sitting on the blue auditorium seats along with the crowd, I caused that.

The cheerleaders twirled, spun, and flipped across the stage as they cheered.

I just couldn't resist, but I went over to her and said, "That could've been you, Elena, that's what you get for being a splat."

She glared at me and continued to watch to their performance as I heard her hiss quietly, "Fall, fall, I hope you fugly bitches slip and fall."

Oooh, someone is a little salty, huh? I headed back to my seat just in time as the cheerleaders were finished and the step team was performing.

"We are the Ladies of Psi Phi Theta and we are step, there is no other like us, so imitators could move to the left!!" The girls chanted as they started stepping, the guys started after them and they were done.

The cheerleaders were back again as Nina gave a speech, "All of the teams, we love what we do and entertaining our school and representing them is the best-!"

She was cut off by Elena as she shouted, "The cheerleaders represent sluts?? That's what you're proud of??" Everyone turned their attention towards her.

Maria Lowes, one of the cheerleaders on stage, took the mic and shouted, "Isn't that why you got kicked off?? We don't represent hoes, that why you're off the team! So you need to sit yo dumb ass down!" The crowd and teachers oohed.

"Bitch, why are you being salty tho?? Why, you're so defensive, have you done something?!" Elena shouted as she got up from her seat and headed down the sloped aisle.

"No, hoe, are you mad that you're not on the team anymore?!" Maria spat.

"You're irrelevant, you're lame, and trashy!" Elena yelled, she was closer to the stage.

"Oh shit," one person next to me whispered.

"Says the hoe that can't keep her legs closed to anyone that walks by!" Maria screeched into the mic, the crowd went wild.

Elena raced towards the stage, but the faculty members held her back before she could reach the first step. Maria hopped down and ran towards her. She landed a loud, hard punch with a, 'SMACK!' Elena tried to retaliate by pulling her hair, but she couldn't reach her. With faculty members trying to separate them, the crowd went wild as they cheered. I watched, laughed, and turned towards Scarlet, she shook her head playfully as she continued watching. Look at the shit I caused and I was drinking it up.

The cheer team rushed in and tried to break it up. All I saw was hits being thrown, but none landed, Maria grabbed Elena's top, knowing that she still had the uniform because she didn't return it. She didn't let go as she grabbed her hair as well.

"Bitch, let go of my hair!" Elena shouted over the yelling and shouting.
The cheerleaders were still trying to pry them away from each other, using all their strength, this shit was funny as hell!

Finally, after what seemed like eternity, they were separated and hauled out of the auditorium.

The cheerleaders went back on the stage as Nina took the mic again, "So, entertaining the school is what we all love to do, including that little altercation," she tried smoothing over her hair that was sticking up.

The students clapped and the faculty members dismissed us to seventh period.

The students were hyped after what happened and I was estatic. So two bitches will be suspended because of that little secret I let slip. I really didn't care.

Scarlet and I walked down the hallway, acting like nothing happened.

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