Chapter 1 A Couple of Surprises

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I make him a plate of food and get us settled when I start to hear people whispering. "What are they going to do now, he's taken care of them for so long. She probably doesn't know how to take care of herself." I keep my smile in place because if these nosy people would have paid just a little attention to me instead of turning their backs on me and judging me when I became pregnant, they would have known that for the last three years, I've been the one supporting our household.

I started writing after Jacob left. When I found out that I was pregnant the next day, I tried to call his phone number, but it was disconnected. I went to his house and it was empty, the whole family was gone. I looked and asked around and no one knew where they had gone. I asked my father who was the police chief at the time, to find him for me, but he just told me that Jacob wasn't good enough for me anyway so he wouldn't. When it started to come out that I was pregnant, the whole town turned their back on me and gossiped about the girl who was pregnant by the guy who hated her so much that his whole family disappeared. They martyred my father saying that he had no choice but to help me since I was alone and pregnant without any skills or a man to take care of me.

After I used almost all of my savings trying to find him, as a last resort, I took a trip to the college in the next town where we were supposed to start together that August. I looked around everywhere and even went to the registrar's office and they had no record of him going to the school. I came home heartbroken, sad and angry. I sat down that night and started writing. It was the only way that I was able to release my feelings constructively. I finished a month later and it actually turned into a pretty good book. I decided to send it to a couple of publishers and they both wanted me. I received a very lucrative book deal out of it. I've been writing books and making money at it for the past seven years.

I've heard people in town talking about my books, they read them and have book club discussions about them and have never made the connection that the author of the book is me. When my father first got sick five years ago, we were able to use his savings to pay the household and hospital bills, but as those dwindled, my father was able to get his policeman's pension released early due to his sickness. The pension paid all of his hospital bills. After three years, there was no money left so it was left to me to use my money to support us. I took care of all of us until he died and I will continue to be able to take care of my son and myself. I don't care what any of them think. We'll be out of this town by next week.

When everyone finally leaves, I clean up and change clothes. I order a pizza for Jacob and I and we settle in and watch a movie since we are up early tomorrow morning packing for our move. When the movie goes off, Jacob asks me, "Tell me about you and my dad again, mom." I've always been honest about his dad when he asks, so he knows everything, the good and the bad. I start, "I've known your father forever. When we were six years old, he came up to me one day at school and told me that one day, I was going to be his girlfriend." Even though Jacob has heard this story hundreds of times, he asks the same question. "He was my age when he told you this?"

"Yes he was. When we were ten years old, he walked up to me one day at recess and said, 'I love you.' He kissed me on the cheek and ran away. I never heard from him again until we were in tenth grade. He walked up to me and says, 'Are you ready to be my girlfriend yet?' I looked at him and said, 'I don't even know you and you want me to be your girlfriend. Why?' He looks at me and says, 'I already told you, I love you.'"

"I was dumbfounded, because he told me that six year ago and hasn't said one word to me until now. So I ask him, 'You told me that six years ago. You haven't even said hi to me until now. Why now?' He just smiled at me, 'Because it's time.' Then he put his arms around me and kissed me and I said, 'okay.' He was the perfect boyfriend. He took me out on dates, he walked me to all of my classes and he showed me how much he loved me every day. I fell completely in love with him."

"We decided that we were going to college together and then get married after school was out. The last night I saw him. He told me that he would always love me and I thought something was weird about him. I told him that I would always love him also. He held me so tight that last night that I saw him. Now that I think about it, he seemed like in his own way, he was saying goodbye. The next day, I found out I was pregnant with you and when I tried to find him, he was gone. His telephone number was disconnected, his house was empty, his whole family gone. I looked for him as much as I could without any help and I couldn't get help from anyone. He disappeared without a trace. I started writing and it became a book, now I've written ten books. No one knows that except me and you. Your grandpa didn't even know even though he was upset that I named you after your dad."

Jacob hugs me and tells me, "I bet he'll find us one day mom."

I smile at his hopefulness. I don't take that away from him by telling him that his daddy has already found me. I help him get ready for bed and tuck him in. I get in bed and think about today. I can't believe he actually showed up to the funeral. What did he expect? Did he expect me to jump in his arms? If he thought that was happening, he has another thing coming. Nothing is stopping Jacob and me from leaving town next week. Not even him.


I lay in the bed of the hotel room, going over today. She looks just as beautiful as she did the day I left her. Her blonde hair was smoothed back into a bun. It looks like she never cut it. Her ice blue eyes changed three times while they looked into mine. First surprise, then relief and then, dismissal right before she turned and walked away. She didn't have time to deal with me today, but she will tomorrow. I heard everyone talk about how she wasn't able to take care of herself. No one in this town actually knows that she is a best-selling author. They are so closed minded that if they did just a little digging, they would find out that she is the author of at least three books that I have seen them holding. As I turn over and close my eyes, I promise myself that I didn't wait this long just to lose her again.

I get dressed this morning while planning what I'm going to say when I knock on her door today. I know that I won't get a warm reception from her, but hopefully she will listen to me and when I tell her what happened, she will forgive me. I have too much to lose. She has been my everything since I was six years old. I waited and watched out for her until I felt like it was time for us to be together. When we got together, I showed her everyday how much I love her. I can't say love in the past tense, because I still love her and always will.

I walk up to the door and ring the doorbell and I hear a kid's voice inside yelling, "I got it mom!" I hear her voice yell back, "Jake, do not answer that door! I got it!" The kids name is Jake. While I'm considering that the door opens. A kid who looks just like me opens the door and says, "Hi. Who are you?" Andi comes running up behind him, "Jake I told you not to open the door." She looks at me and freezes. 

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