Stressed and Depressed

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Grandiose and Glamma sat on the porch which was their usual routine. Grandiose looked up at me shocked when he saw all the guys standing behind me. On cue, he raised his rifle and aimed it towards the boys.

"Wesley Mary Hoven, I suggest you get your behind in this house right now." Glamma glare at me and point towards the front door.

"Yes ma'am." I mumble before hurrying inside.

I left the front door open so I can hear what Grandiose would do or say to them. I listened to him threaten them and tell them to never show their face around his property or me. I bit my lip and look in the curtain as they turn away and head into the other direction. Anthony turned around and looked at me while I stood in the curtain. Glamma and Grandiose were about to come inside so I ran into my room.

"Wesley! You get your behind out here right this second." Grandiose yelled and I did as told.

"Yes Sir." My clammy hands were behind my back with my head looking down at my work shoes.

"What were those boys doing here? And you betta' not lie to me." He warn me and I frowned.

"Grandiose, they attend the same school as me. They saw me walking home from work late at night. Followed me home to make sure I got in safe. I told them that they weren't needed but they didn't listen. I'm sorry Grandiose." I apologize and he grew angry.

"I swear little girl, don't let me catch them back over here. You know how to get home with out no ones help. Do we have to start walking you home from your job? One more slip up and you are not going to that dance."He said sternly before dismissing me to my room. I did my hygiene and hit the sheets.


"There's this guy name Anthony Bond. He's throwing a party this Saturday night. He told me to give you a invitation West." Nia hand me one out of the three invitations.

"No thanks, my grand parents wouldn't approve at all." I respond blandly.

"Come on West, don't you want to get your feet wet at least once? Judging by the fact, that you have never did anything a little bad since the four years you've been here?" Jena tried to reason with me.

"I can't believe I am saying this. Only reason I'm going is because Anthony is cute. Plus they all walked me home last night from work." I slam my locker shut and head to class before the bell rings.

For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about that party coming up. I didn't necessarily know why that thought was even in my mind. My focus was not on Mrs. Lewis teaching the class. Knowing everything she was teaching already, I decided to doodle lyrics for Just Give Me A Reason by Pink. I thought about playing it once I got home.


"Guess what I learned how to play on piano?" I squealed at the girls and put my hair into a bun.

"What?!" Jena and Nia asked excitedly.

"Just give me a reason by Pink and you both know I have been working on it for a little bit." I smiled widely and stretched my legs.

"So have anybody made up their minds on if they are showing up? I would love to have both of my besties with me to this party." Jena spoke in a bribing way.

"I gave you my answer, Nia we're waiting." I giggled and she playfully rolled her eyes.

"Well yes, plus I want to see what type of crowd you have been around lately." Nia shifted her lips to the side.

"Did you just read me?" Jena laughed lightly.

"Well if you can squeeze your feet in that shoe. Strut and make sure you wear it proudly." Nia kept going.

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