Chapter 10: On That Slow Grind

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A couple of friends wanted to get me outside since I barely leave my house. I wasn't really interested in staying outside but I ended up staying out for a while. It wasn't that cold since it was mid June. The sun wasn't out though so it made me think it would rain. We ended up going to the mall and that didn't bother me because it was inside.  

Blake wanted to get me a gift. He still had money from that betting pool so he wasn't that picky on the price. He got me this one shirt that I thought was cool; the second he gave it to me I put it on because I really liked it. The words read "I flexed and the sleeves exploded". This has to be one of the most accurate shirts I've ever worn in my life.

"You can't be flexing like that." Blake got bitter when I kept doing it. 

"I like the shirt."

"I understand that but you can't do that when my girlfriend is around." he hissed and turned away, looking for Cheryl in the store. "Next thing I know, you steal my girl." he didn't like the idea.

"Relax." I said. "Cheryl has made it perfectly clear to me and to everyone else that the only person she would ever consider going soft for is you." I rolled my eyes. Cheryl is very hostile in an aggressive environment, and she can be mean in a neutral environment. I thought Blake would have given up on the verbal abuse by now but he hasn't yet.

He really likes her.

"She's scary." he continued to look around.

"Then break up with her." I said. He looked up at me quickly like I just cursed him out. It was pretty much equivalent. He can't joke about breaking up with Cheryl, she will hold him hostage.

He spotted Cheryl and he left me to go to her, but at that moment, I saw Akaashi with a bunch of blond girls. I don't believe this. Every time he goes out, he's with blond girls. 

I was going to ask him if the whole fetish for blond hair was necessary. Seriously. He saw me and immediately told his friends that he was leaving. I planned on asking what was up with him to have so many blond girl friends. When he got close enough, I opened my mouth to say something but he started laughing because he read the words on my shirt. That was uncalled for.

"Listen, those girls make me jealous." I said. He laughed even louder and I was seconds away from pulling out my hair. "Akaashi-"

"I like you." he told me. "But when you don't come out with me, I have to find people to hang out with and blonds have more fun." he said.

"Oh my god."

"I like the shirt." he smiled up at me. "It looks good." he added and covered his mouth when he started to laugh too hard again. His grey eyes sparkled when he laughed.

"Those girls, Akaashi." I pointed out again. "And each time there's different girls, like how do you manage that?" I asked him quickly. 

"I meet a lot of people when I go outside." he said. "I'm surprised that you're even here since you know, you don't come outside." he said easily. He leaned his weight on one foot and put his hand on his hip as he watched me. I didn't respond to him. "Well if it makes you feel better, I can spend the night tonight." he said like he wasn't going to be able to. 

Akaashi always tries to explain how strict his parents are but honestly, they really aren't. He goes out to parties, he goes on road trips, I don't even think he stays at his house for longer than four hours. His parents do not have him on a tight leash like he says he does, but apparently, he always has to beg to stay over my house. I still think its a lie. With everything that Akaashi gets to do, I doubt his parents are hard on him.

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