Chapter 9: Spice Things Up

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***Fun fact: Landon's final form is a bum on the couch, don't be fooled by all the perfect behavior. And Akaashi hates pet names, don't call him baby or sweetheart or pumpkin, he'll hate you. But anyway, if you've read the one shots this is the third one (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*DICKS*~✧』.

Since there's no school, I can spend my days watching TV. I did that even when there was school but there's something about the summer that's not...well, stressful. Its all over. Having nothing to do is sort of saddening because studying isn't an option anymore. Its not like I did it but at least the option was still there.

Akaashi wanted to go out, but he goes out all the time. He's never at home, ever. I told him he should give it a try, but he's more of a person that would rather be outside on a good day. He hasn't been sitting in the bathtub lately so that's the only good thing about it. He always wants me to go to parties with him and he knows that I won't go after the last time he made me suffer. 

Today, I had to give in.

He wanted to go to the mall, and that was close by so I didn't have to really do much. I don't know what he could possibly want at the mall but we all just go there to go there. I wasn't going to complain about it. I can hold Akaashi's hand all I want.

There was a downside though.

For the whole day, he was talking to some girls he apparently knew. They went to some college that was downtown in the city. When he told me he didn't date girls at school, he meant high school. Most of his friends that came up to us were in college. These were the people that I've noticed he's been around; its not all the time that someone would catch Akaashi with people from our school unless it was some sick party. It was concerning because he knew all these extremely older people. How? Were people in high school too childish? Yes. Now I see why. I just had to sit back and let him hang out with his friends. I didn't want to intrude on his special time with people that weren't me. 

I bit my straw and looked around as a couple blonds asked Akaashi where he was planning to go to school. Like usual, when he didn't want to give away that he was actually going somewhere prestigious to people that didn't matter, he just told them that he hadn't made up his mind yet and that he would probably take a year off from school. That was complete bullshit and I'm calling it. He just didn't want a lot of people to know.

When they finally walked away though, I just watched and waited. Akaashi is sometimes satisfied with his lies but I worry for him too.

"You know, you don't have to apply the stereotypical 'if I'm pretty they won't think I'm smart' to yourself." I commented.

That's the first time ever I decided to bring it up. Akaashi doesn't like talking about anything, and now I just bombarded him with that statement. He looked at me quickly but he began to laugh a bit at my comment.

"You think that's why I won't tell them?" he asked, laughing. I guess I was really off the mark then. "Most of my friends like to take road trips and party. I really don't need them messing up my reputation." he said.

"Why are you friends with them then?"

"Because they go on road trips and party." he said like I should have known. I guess people in college are hard core. That's what Akaashi likes though; if there was a party, just count on Akaashi being there. He was always too busy with people from other schools to do the little kid stuff.

"Okay, so now that we've graduated, are you still going to do that stuff?" I asked him cause I was curious.

"Well you're going to a party school, and I'd road trip to come see you, so yeah." he answered seriously. I was expecting him to give some flimsy answer but he was actually serious.

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