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LGBTQ+ stands for:
The "+" stands for everything else, including (but not limited to) asexual, aromantic, pansexual, and intersex.

We currently offer the following reading lists:

+ Bisexual/Pansexual
+ Trans
+ Genderqueer
+ Asexual/Aromantic
+ Non-Fiction
+ Woman x Woman
+ Girl x Girl Teen Fiction
+ Man x Man
+ Boy x Boy Teen Fiction
+ Wicked Little Creatures (LGBTQ+ paranormal/supernatural)
+ Other Worlds (LGBTQ+ fantasy/sci-fi)
+ Thrillseekers (LGBTQ+ horror/mystery/thriller)
+ LGBTQ+ Short Stories

To submit a story to one of our Reading Lists, please complete this form. Be prepared to share your link and tell us which reading list you'd like your work added to. We are currently accepting one work per author. 

You can also suggest works of other Wattpadders

Important: We are looking for well written, completed works with good grammar! Proper use of punctuation and capitalization is also very important.

Note: We can not say anything about the time it will take to judge submissions, as that will depend on the available time the team has to read them, and how many submissions we will receive.

If you have any questions, please send us a PM.


Can fanfictions be included in your reading lists?
Yes, they can. However, please make sure that people outside the fandom are also able to understand and enjoy the story.

Do you allow mature content?
Yes, as long as the work follows the Wattpad content guidelines, and is marked mature when applicable. You can find the content guidelines here.

What about sex?
Detailed sex is allowed in mature rated works, however, stories where explicit sexual activity is the sole premise of the story are not permitted on Wattpad. Short stories or one shots that are just sex scenes are thus considered banned material. If you come across such works, please report them. Thank you.

Do you accept stories in any other language than English?
At the moment we only accept English works, sorry.

Feel free to fill out this form if you'd like your story to suggestion to be considered.

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