5.2. First Chat Went Wrong

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Chapter# 5.2

Hussain's POV

For a few minutes I stared blankly at the screen of my laptop tapping my fingers aimlessly near the touch pad, thinking should I go for it or no? I still had time to quit, to back off and to get rid of this hell I was about to jump in.

"don't you dare think about quitting" It was Shehry's threat who just refused to get off my head. I looked up finding him exactly over my head with a warning glare on his face.

"stop giving me looks and text her"

"Is it important? I mean why do I have to initiate a conversation? Wo bhi to message ker sakti hea na, itney nakhrey q dikha rai hea?" I threw my point and he rolled his eyes.

"Hussain beta! bat ker lo ge to konsa azaab aa jae ga. Choti si bat ko bekar mein berha rahe ho tum" before Shehry could speak Mom stated.

"Wah re wah! Kis dor mein aa gaya hoon? Maa'en beton ko lerkiyon se bat kerne se rokti hen or ek meri Mom hen k zaberdasti lerki se bat kerne ko bol rai hen" I made a face and instantly earned a smack at the back of my head.

"Saley! Dramey band ker. She is not Bess or Natasha or that idiot chipkoo Kethy of your school, she is your fiance idiot!" he stated reminding me and I rolled my eyes.

"Okay fine! Stop lecturing me" ignoring the irritation and frustration inside me I looked down at the screen and typed a simple Hello!

"Smilie he bhej de sath" Shehry coaxed me with a cheeky grin on his idiot face.

"Tu ker le bat" I offered him the laptop when he chuckled backing off.

"Na baba mein kanwara he theek" he stated raising his palms up defensively and I jerked my head.

"Huhn! Kanwara or awaara"

"Hussain! Bara hea wo tum se kabhi to izzat se bat kiya karo" Mom who was about to leave the room slapped my head lightly and I sighed.

"Sorry Mom!" quite forcefully I stated and she left the room, Shehry gave me a boastful smile and I rolled my eyes.

"dafa ho ja yahan se" I pushed him hard, he dramatically fell off the couch, looking back on the screen I found a new message....


Reading the message a frown instantly spread across my forehead.

"I just can not understand, why can't people greet with a simple Hello?"

"Yar usey Salam kerna pasand ho ga" Shehry tried to explain and I shook my head as I typed.

"How are you?"

And again the reply burnt something inside me. "Alhamdulilah. Ap sunaiye?"

"Dekha! Dekha! Bus ye log na ye sabit kerna chahte hen k woi Allah waley hen samney wala to kafir hea" I made a face reading her reply.

"Oho chill ker bakri!" Shehry patted my back.

"No seriously Shehry! I hate these kind of people who consider the simple act of saying a hello or Hi as haram. Matlab bus lamba chora sa salam kerney wala he musalman hea baki sabbbbb kafir. Huhn!" I shook my head disapprovingly.

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