Chapter Twenty-Five

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"Woah!" echoes through the living room and I jump, sitting up. It takes me a second to adjust to my surroundings and I realise I've been half-lying on Oli so I quickly detach from him and sit a little further away to give him some space. My head is spinning and I faintly remember the sleepy moment before actually drifting away into dreamland. And also, I still have that taste on my lips that makes me sure that a certain kiss definitely happened.

Oli opens his eyes too now, seeming just as confused. "Morning, Daley" I say as I realise that the shout has come from my returning roommate. He wiggles his eyebrows at me and I just throw a pillow at him, missing terribly. "I think I have to go" Oli announces and messes up my hair, kissing my cheek and hugging Daley on the way out. As soon as the door shuts, Daley squeaks. "What happened here? I leave for two seconds and you're sleeping together!" "We..." "And what's that? Shit, Bev, is that a tattoo?" "Daley, can you turn down the volume a little?" I ask hesitantly. "Of what?" "Your voice!" "Oh, right, I'm sorry" he says, a little quieter now, then walks around the sofa and sits down next to me. "I really want to know what happened" he says. "Nothing happened. We got tattoos last night because we were drunk." "You don't regret it?" I peel the plastic off the shiney and yet a little crusty ink on the skin of my arm, eye it for a few seconds and then look up at Daley to shake my head. "Not really." "And you were positioned on the sofa like that because...?" "I don't know, we were just sitting around and I guess we fell asleep." As I say that, I wonder if Oli actually slept but asking him seems incredibly awkward to me now and I instantly regret what happened.

"Can I interest you in some coffee? I would've given Oli mine but he just rushed out of here, did anything happen?" I shake my head. "Not that I know of, maybe he remembered he had something to do" I shrug but deep down I know that he must feel just as strange about last night as I do and that he didn't know how to deal with it at that moment either. I get off the couch and follow Daley to the Starbucks on the kitchen table. "Thanks" I say and take a big sip.

"So, what are you gonna do about Mason?" Daley asks. "Is there anything I can do to help? Or do you definitely need a lawyer to go up against him?" "I'm afraid that's the only way there is without his cooperation. But maybe I can offer him something, I don't really know what he wants, I just want him to get tired of his little game. He doesn't want money, his daddy's got that covered. There's got to be something he wants." "Wasn't he trying to get laid? Generally, isn't he interested in good publicity and people thinking he's Mother Theresa herself?" I start chewing on my lip, thinking about Daley's words. There has to be something I can do that makes him look good in the press so he'll let go of my orgnisation, right? "I'll try and take care of it, if you can think of something to get him off my project, please tell me." "What are you doing today?" "I have to work on some tests and look over some homework. What about you?" "Oli's coming over tonight." I nod slowly. "Okay, cool" I reply, making a mental note to not be there at night so I can avoid him. I hate to do this but I have enough going on, I don't need to deal with that kind of awkwardness right now.

Daley hangs around the apartment all day and writes while I get through all my work as well. During lunch time we order some pasta and eat together while working opposite each other. We barely talk but it's nicer to sit around and work with Daley doing the exact same thing than alone, only hearing the sound of my pen on the paper and nothing else. Daley's typing is actually quite soothing. In the late afternoon, I start thinking about what I could do but then I realise I'm avoiding Wes and I'm avoiding Oli, Daley is also unavailable because he's hanging out with Oli so I literally have no place to go. I finish my work and then decide to just go for some shopping even though I don't have any money. And I already know I'm just gonna end up at Febe's to get some free food once she realises I'm not in a good mood.

And that's exactly what happens. I don't tell Daley about kissing Oli but as soon as Febe asks me what's wrong, I spill. She tells me to wait for his reaction first and see how he's gonna act if we're confronted with each other. "There's no need to make the decision, let the man do something for once."

I realise that I have to go home eventually so I take some food for Daley and then to not make things awkward, I buy some for Oli too, I can later still claim I haven't eaten and it's for me in case I change my mind. Although I don't think that would be too good for my stomach. Or maybe, we'll have to keep it for the morning, Oli doesn't necessarily still have to be there.

But deep down I know he's there before I even open the door and hear him laughing. For some reason, I smile at the sound of it. As soon as I realise that I'm an idiot, I snap out of it and almost bang my head against the door frame before realising that I'm an idiot once again. I take off my boots and put up my jacket behind the door, then step in with the plastic bags of food. "Febe's?! Bev, you rock!" Daley announces and pauses the movie they're watching, coming right over to open the bag that he has figured out to be his. He unpacks it and puts it all on a plate. On his way back to the sofa, he stops. His eyes go from Oli to me slowly and he raises one eyebrow. "What is it with you two?!" he asks in complete and utter confusion. Oli shrugs. "Nothing" I confirm. "Are you sure?" Daley asks. We both nod eagerly and I already wish I hadn't. I will have to tell him eventually. But at least I know, that Oli hasn't told him.

While I clean the kitchen to not sit with them, Daley finishes his food surprisingly fast, fast even for him. He puts down the plate, pauses the movie once more and announces that he's going to take a shower. I take one look at Oli to confirm my suspicion and he looks just as horrified as me. Also, it's not much of a secret that Daley wants to mess with us when he decides to shower in the middle of their movie. And I know that I can't leave as well because that would make things even worse. And to top it off, Oli makes the move to get up and actually walk over to me, probably thinking it's going to turn the awkwardness down a little but achieving the exact opposite. Every inch that he gets closer to me, the tension increases to the point where I just want to leave. I curse my past self for drinking so much the previous night and I hope he does the same in his head. I sit down at the kitchen table but keep looking at Oli. He has the nerve to sit opposite me and look straight back at me.

"You alright?" I ask because I just can't help it. He grins. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine baby girl, felt a bit sick this morning but I'm good now." I raise one eyebrow and by the look on his face I can tell he wants to take that back because what popped into my head is not what he means but then he realises I know too and just lowers his eyes. We sit in silence and at the same time, we turn our heads towards the bathroom door. There are no sounds of water coming from there and we both know why.

"So, did you and Daley actually have sex?" Oli smirks and looks back up. "That's your way to break the silence, baby girl?" I laugh. "I guess so. So?" He grins. "You really wanna know that though, don't you?" "I really do." "I think I'll have to discuss that with Daley. Daley, you can come out, by the way! We're not gonna make out dramatically and we're not gonna have an epic fight so why don't you come back so I can find out who killed that poor girl in the movie?"

There's silence for a moment, then we hear Daley bursting out into laughter behind the bathroom door.

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