Carol : " no I insist so oorder na ako "

She stood up even if I protested

Mika : " nakakahiya naman Kay Carol ni libre pa tayo "

Camille : " okay lang yun RK naman yun ehh "

Mika : " kaano ano nyo ba si Carol? "

Cienne : " schoolmate namin sya nung college "

I just nodded at what they said after a few more seconds Carol came back with our orders

Mika : " thank you Carol "

Carol : " no problem "

Kambal : " thank you Cars "

Carol : " welcome "

We ate our food while sharing some random stories with each other after that we all went home

Vic's POV

The whole day I was in different meetings my butt hurts from all the sitting. Been wondering what happened to my office while I'm gone also been wondering how Mika's doing I mean how hew work os doing I guess I'll find out tomorrow

-------------> Kinabukasan <------------

Still Vic's POV

As soon as I got to my office I sae Lea and Mika was already there

Mika at Lea : " Good Morning ma'am "

They respectively greeted me

Vic : " Good morning ladies "

I greeted them back and went in my office I saw a cup if coffee right on my table that is prepared by my assistant everyday. I sar down and took a sip of my coffer. It tasted just right I'm very particular when it comes to me coffee but Lea had form for me for years now it's not shocking that she already know how I like my coffee

After taking a few more sips of my coffee I pressed a button in my desk phone that directs me to my assistant's phone

» Phone Convo «

Vic : " hello "

On the other line (otol) : " uhm hello po ma'am do you need anything? "

Vic : " Lea? "

Otol : " uhm ma'am si Mika po ito "

Vic : " okay uhm can you tell Lea that I need to talk to her "

Otol : " right away po ma'am "

Vic : " okay thank you "

» End Of Phone Convo «

After a few seconds Lea came in my office

Lea : " Good Morning po ma'am kakausapin nyo daw ako "

Vic : " yeah take a sit first "

She took a sit right in front of me

Vic : " well first thank you for my coffee "

Lea : " ay ma'am hinde na po ako nag ready nyan "

Vic : " talaga? kasi ang perfect ng lasa ehh "

Lea : " si Mika na naghanda nyan "

Vic : " really its good "

Lea : " I'm glad you like it "

Vic : " anyway I just wanted to ask what did you do yesterday while I was gone "

Lea : " actually not that much tinuro ko lang kay Mika lahat ng kailangan nya malaman "

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!