|| Chapter 14 ||

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~ Barry's POV ~

As I heard what Snart's to say on the phone, I couldn't believe that this was happening. My job was to save people, but I couldn't protect her and her sister. How could I be so stupid? However, I'm going to save her, no matter what it takes.

Apparently Snart has joined with another criminal, called Mick Rory, that with his fire gun he has robbered some shops and scared citizens as well, Cisco decided to call him Heatwave. They wanted a battle of "fire and ice" and if I show, they wouldn't kill Kat and Mikka. Joe wasn't sure about it, because of what happened last time.

"Barry, I think you shouldn't show up. We can something out to rescue Kathleen and Mikkaela." Joe said, trying to reason with me.

"Yeah, I should focus on the Reverse Flash, to double my skills and finally beat him." I responded, with a serious face but I was lying. I can't train knowing that Kat is in trouble.

"That's better Barry. We'll get them back." Dr. Wells said, looking at me sympathetically. Caitlin and Cisco agreed to him, Cisco going to his computer already, trying to locate them by tracing my call.

"You're right. But today I want To rest. It has been a... stressful week." I lied again, but it was pretty convincing since they bought it and I left the building.

I'm not going to just continue my life with the love of my life and her sister in the hands of those guys. I will find them, and by doing that, I'll have to do this alone. I grabbed my phone and called him again. "Wow, you're called the flash for nothing." Snart answered sarcastically. "I accept your 'battle'. When?" I said, not in the mood for his sarcasm. "Right to the point. Tonight, at midnight, in the old warehouse near the end on the city. We'll be expecting you there in time. Or..." Snart informed but I cut him. "Yeah, I'm aware. I won't miss it." I said sarcastically and ended the call.

Seems like I'll have to train, one way or another.

~ Kathleen's POV ~

As it looks, Barry agreed to meet Snart and his mate. I should be glad but I'm actually worried. It's two against one, plus both of them has powerful guns that one of them almost killed Barry.

"You're such a coward." I muttered to myself, feeling Mikkaela slaps my hand, that was tied up to hers.

"What did you said?" Snart asked, looking at me.

"I said you're a coward." I repeat, making Mikka nervous. "It's two against one. It's not a fair fight." I added, still not unaware how comfortable I was to say that to two guys that have a gun that could possibly kill me and my sister in a split of a second.

"You are taking vantage of this too much." The other one said, turning his gun on and glaring at me.

"Mick, no. We need them alive." Snart said, almost ordering him. He turned off, still glaring at me and I glared back. "Be thankful that you're alive. Both of you." That was all he said before he left the place with a huge backpack and Mick following him, grabbing some stuff too.

After they left, silence was brought in the abandoned warehouse. Until a few minutes late, Mikkaela starts to speak. "Were you trying to get us killed?!" She snapped at me. "You shouldn't have repeat it." She added, in a calm tone this time.

"I knew that Snart wouldn't kill us. He at least loyal to his promises." I finally spoke, leaving Mikka with no words. "He has been here before. He almost killed Barry. It was a hell of a day." I added, finding a sharp object next to me. "I-I didn't know." Mikka said, with the red color covering her cheeks.

After a few tries, I caught the object with my feet and, somehow, managed to push it to my hand and grabbed it. "How did you managed to survived it all?" She asked, curiosity taking over my sister. "Just waking up the next day like it was a normal day." I said, cutting at last the ropes that was tying my hands. "Plus, Barry is the one that go through worse." I spoke as I checked my wrists, that were a bit bruised, before I start cutting my sister's rope.

"Yeah, I know. But it doesn't mean that the other don't go through it too." Mikkaela said, trying to reason with me. I cut it, and we stand up. "I'm just trying to say that: we were kidnaped. He knows who you are. What if others try to come after you and do worse?" She said in a serious tone.

"We can argue about that later. I don't know when they are coming back, but we need to go now." I said, changing the subject. "We need to find Barry." I said, leaving the warehouse wuickly, with Mikkaela following me.

{few hours later. at S.T.A.R Labs}

After we walk a lot and surprisingly not getting kidnaped again by Snart and Mick, we got into S.T.A.R Labs. We walked to the floor hearing a lot of loud noises.





We walked in and realised that it was Iris that was shouting to Cisco. They stopped talking right away, as I saw Iris running into us and hugging us, I mean, choking us. "Iris, take it easy." Mikkaela managed to say in the middle of Iris' hug. "Wait, Barry isn't with you?" She asked then to us, pulling away. We looked at each other and shake our head in a negative way. "I was going to ask any of you to take to his place but apparently he isn't, by the way you guys were screaming." I said this time, making them even more nervous.

"It's not even midnight." Mikkaela said, remembering me what Snart agreed to Barry on the phone. "They agreed that they were going to meet at midnight. It's 9:30 pm." She pointed out, looking at the computer's clock.

"What if Snart found out about you two escaping?" Caitling wondered, leaving the rest to think about it as well.

"So it means that we need to find Barry." I stated. "And I think I know where he is. Iris, do you have your car keys right now?" I added, Iris gave it to me before I could exit the building with Iris' car.






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