Ferris Wheel

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"No way Zayn!" You protested.

"(Y/n) please please please," Zayn Begged.

"Zayn are you serious? You know I'm afraid of heights. This thing goes up so high," you said pointing towards the ferris wheel.

"Baby, I know you're afraid of heights but trust me, it's not that bad and if you don't try this now, then you'll regret it later." He said, trying to convince you. But you were one stubborn girl.

"Z... I cant. It's so scary, just look at it. I'd rather die than take a ride on this scary thing," you said, looking up at the ferris wheel.

"(Y/n) please, trust me on this, you wont be alone, I'll be by your side. I will hold your hands the whole time. I won't let anything bad happen to you." He said, taking hold of your hand and kissing the back of it.

"Zayn.." you said getting confused whether you should take a ride on it or not.

"Please love?" He said still convincing you. You sighed and nodded.

"Thank you so much boo. I love you a lot." He said, grinning like a five year old.

"And I hate you a lot." you said, playfully.

"No you dont," He said, smirking.

"Yes I do," you said.

Zayn pouted and gave you puppy dog eyes.

"You're such a dork, Zayn, and yeah I love ya too." You said, laughing and kissed his cheek.

Ten mins later you both were seated on that scary thing and your heart beat got faster as it started to move.

"ZAYN! f I die or something, the fault is on you big guy." You said getting scared, and took a deep breathe.

"Love, you're not dying. Just enjoy it and it'll be great I promise, and I am right here with you O.k?" He said, laughing a bit.

He enterwined his fingers with yours, while wrapping his other arm around your shoulder making you feel safe and protected with him. But you being you, were still a little bit scared, well not a little bit, but a lot.

When it reached the top you closed your eyes and snuggled your face in zayn's neck.

"Oh my God Z, I cant bear this anymore." You said, and the ferris wheel stopped at the top which made you panick.

"AAAAAAH! Why did it stop? OMG OMG we're gonna die. May we rest in peace." You said it all in one breathe, where as Zayn laughed and kissed your head.

"(y/n) calm down its fine. You have to come across your fear someday right? We're not dying right now. Do one thing, take a look below for few seconds." He said, and you rose your head up from his jacket.

"WHAT? ZAYN ARE YOU CRAZY?" You shrieked looking at him in disbelief.

"I already came on this horrible thing and now you're tellin' me to look below?" You asked him.

"Please boo. Trust me its fine. Please just for few seconds." He begged.

"Never in a million years." You said, making your point clear.

"(Y/n) please please please. I'll do anything for you if you take a look below." He said, with cute puppy dog eyes you couldn't resist.

"Anythin'?" You asked him, smirking.

"Yes anything," he assured you.

"Take me to Paris then?" You said with a smirk.

"Well, I was already gonna do that after few days." He said, chuckling.

"Are you serious?" You asked him, getting surprised.

"Hundred percent," he said, laughing at your reaction. You thanked him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Okay, now fulfil your part of the deal." He said.

You looked at him and he gave you a smile. You took a deep breath, held Zayn's hand more tightly than before and looked down. What you saw down was the thing that shocked you.

"Zayn what's this?" You said wide eyed.

It was night time, all the lights were off. Everything was dark around you guys except few lights down making up a sign which read


At this point Zayn took out a ring from his pocket.

"I have been planning this for a long time and now I think it's finally the time to ask you something. I love you (y/n) so much and you are the only one I want to spend rest of my life with. (Y/full name) will you do the honours of marrying this crazy guy who is truly madly and deeply in love with you?" He asked nervously.

By this time tears were falling from your eyes and your stomach was about to explode with all those butterflies. Words weren't coming out of your mouth but still somehow you managed to say.

"Yes Zayn Javadd Malik I would love to!" You squealed.

At first Zayn couldn't believe what he heard, then tears started escaping from his eyes and you saw the biggest smile ever, on his face.

"Thank you so much (y/n). I promise I will always keep you happy, will always be by your side and will always love you." He said, wiping the tears from your and his eyes.

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