Chapter 3: Chains

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I woke up with my wrists and ankles chained to bed. I tried to pull them but they were too strong. "You already woke up?" I saw Kaneki entering the room with a plate of pancakes. He put them down on a table near the bed and sat on the side of the bed."I'm sorry about the chains Tomoe Chan. I didn't want to have to use them but you gave me no choice." " Please let me out of here, my wrists hurt!" I whine. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'll fix it when we are done with the punishment." "Punishment? What punishment?" I asked, scared. "I have to punish you! It's the only way you'll learn. It's gonna hurt me as well but if it will keep you safe and behaved then I must do it!"

He grabbed a belt from the table." It's only 20 but you are going to count them. If you stop I'll start all over again." "No Kaneki please!" I cried. "Here's the first." He said coldly as he strikes me with the belt. "O-One..." I count. He strikes me again. "Two...". I started to weep by the 11th. When he was done, he dropped the belt on the floor and hug me. "You were so well behaved, I'm so proud of you!" He kissed my cheek. "It hurts..." I cry. " I'm sorry, let me put some cream on that. He grabbed a cream that was on the table and applied on the spots he striked the most while repeatedly saying comfort phrases: "You were so well behaved" " I'm so proud." " I love you" " You're so beautiful" " I'll protect you".
When he was done he sat me up and sat on my lap. "Are you hungry? I brought you your pancakes." He grabbed the plate and put it between us. "I can't eat with the chains on" "It's alright I'll feed then to you!" He smiled. "Can't you just take them off?" "No, I don't want you to try and escape again! Now say aaaahhh!" I sighed. "ahhhhh" He put some pancakes on my mouth. I chewed while he petted my head. "Why are you keeping me in here?" I asked. "I told you many times Tomoe Chan! II love you so I have to protect you! Who knows what could happen to you out there!" "But I can take care of myself!" "Again with this Tomoe Chan? Both of us know that's not true!" "Are you protecting other people?" "Of course not Tomoe Chan! I only care about you. I'll do anything for you and to keep you safe!". He fed me the pancakes until they were over, occasionally caressing my cheek.
"Did you liked it ?" He asked. "It was good, I guess." "Do you still want to take a bath? Of course, I'll still leave the chains on oh and also.." He stretched the cuffs slightly." ." "Thanks" I whispered. "Because you behaved so well here's a little reward." He unlocked the ankle chains and gave me more room to move. "There. Now you can go to the bathroom with the chains on." He smiled. I looked at him smiling. It was bright happy, like if he was a child. Maybe if he didn't did this to me I could had fallen in love with him.

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