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Hunting in twilight R rated scenes!

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I was stirred from sleep by a strong hand rubbing from my stomach to my breast and then back. I smiled as I thought of Julius. He climbed on top of me and kissed me passionately as I trailed my hands down his back, touching all of him. He started kissing down my neck, hitting a sweet spot almost behind my ear that he knew I loved. I moaned quietly and reached down to stroke his manhood. He lifted the upper half of his body up and looked down at me.

"I love you Amanda." He said sincerely.

"I love you too Julius." I said and I meant it. I loved him so much it hurt to breath without him. I grinned and shoved him off of me. I smiled more because I knew that if he hadn't of wanted to move he wouldn't have, I could have never forced him. I rolled onto my side so that I could run my hands over his body. He was hard with the anticipation of what was to come.

I started kissing my way down his body starting with his lips and moving to his chin, then his neck, then each nipple. Soft kisses and playful nibbles. I was rubbing my hand up against his penis as I was doing this and I could feel him getting more and more excited. I made it to his belly button and then an inch below that and he held his breath as I took the entire thing into my mouth. It was a tough fir because it was big, but I had been practicing and was by no means inexperienced when I met him. I gagged a little at the massive intrusion in my throat and then slowly pulled my head back up. His whole body shuddered as I slid back down, easier this time because it was already wet with my saliva.

I grabbed the base with my hand and started moving it up and down in an opposite rhythm as my mouth. He groaned and wrapped his fingers in my hair. I smiled with his penis in my mouth and almost lost my rhythm, but it was worth it.

When I knew he was getting close to orgasm I pulled back and ran my tongue from tip to base and then back up. He let out a little groan of frustration and I looked up at him so he could see me lick him. He growled and picked me up, putting me on my back and telling me it was his turn.

He started at my ankle and worked his way up, mimicking my earlier kisses. I was already wet with anticipation and when he got close to my core I bucked up at him, trying to make him hurry up. He laughed a deep throaty laugh of satisfaction and then dove into my inner most personal space. His tongue flicked my nub and I almost orgasmed from it. His hands had been resting on my inner thighs and as his mouth went to work magic on my clit his right hand crept up and and soon I felt a finger enter me. He quickly found my g spot and a rhythm with his mouth and fingers. I could feel a stray finger playing with my backdoor but I didn't care at all and when that finger entered me there I lost control and grabbed his head pressing his face too me while I screamed out his name. My whole body felt like it was on fire and he moved his fingers simultaneously inside me again and I shattered again.

He sat up and smiled at me. I looked at him through hooded eyes and smiled back.

"Time to go to sleep." I said and tried to roll over playfully. He grinned and rolled me back on my back. Positioning himself between my legs and pushing himself inside me. I was still too sensitive from my earlier orgasms and it was almost too much too soon. I screamed out his name again.

"Say it again." He whispered roughly while he pushed inside me again and again frantically.

So I did. I said his name over and over and then when I fell over the edged again I looked into his eyes.

"Mark me." I said frantically. Everything inside me was begging him to do it before he finished.

He growled loudly and without having to be asked twice leaned down and bit into my shoulder. I cried out but not with pain. My shoulder felt like it had its own orgasm that spread through my body.

Julius pushed into me a few more times as I spasmed around him and then with a final thrust came inside of me and collapsed on top of me.

"I love you Amanda." He said softly.

"I love you too Adam." I replied.

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