Dan Howell

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I looked at the beautiful brunette in front of me. God, he was gorgeous.

I watched him as his smile turned upside down.

"What happened to your cheek?"

I was thoroughly confused.

'Why would he care? No one cares about me.'

"Err.... Nothing. I, uhm, fell."

'Taylor, you're a horrible liar.'

"C'mon, we both know that's not what happened." There was genuine concern on his face.

"Who did this to you?"

'See? He cares. You can trust him.'

'No! No one cares about me! He's just going to act like he cares so he can get close to me, and then he's going to hurt me, just like Alex did! You can't trust him!'

"I already told you. Nothing happened." I repeated, putting some strength into my voice.

"Erm, Taylor? Your arm is bleeding."

'Fuck! I just had to scratch...'

"Oh, uhm.... Excuse me." I said, tears welling up in my eyes.

I turned to go to the bathroom, but I felt him lightly grab my arm.

"Wait! Can... Can I help you?"

'No. No one can help me.'

"How could you possibly help?" I said bitterly.

Then he pulled up the sleeve of his jacket to reveal lines of white, fading scars.

"I know why your arm is bleeding. I used to pick at mine, too. It's been a year for me. I can help you." He looked so caring....

"No... I'm fine, thank you." I turned to leave.

Again, he grabbed me by the arm.

"Uhm, can I have your number? Maybe we can be, erm, friends?"

'What's the harm in giving him your number?'

'He's going to trick you!!! He's just going to do what Alex did! You.cant.trust.him!'

"Uhm... Uh.... Sure. Why not?" I grabbed his hand and quickly scribbled my number on the back of his hand.

His face lit up.

"Thanks, Taylor. I'll text you."

'Fuck. Why did you do that???'

'He might be different!'

'No! He's just going to hurt you again!'

"STOP IT!!!!" I screamed, before realizing that Dan was still sitting there, watching me.

I felt my body begin to shake again.

"A-are you ok?"

I couldn't speak, I was thinking about Alex and the things he had done to me....

I was overpowered by the memory of the first time he tortured me. I could feel the pain all over again....

"Alex, baby, please!!!"

"Don't call me babe, bitch!!!! You should've covered up that bruise better! Now people are asking all sorts of questions!!" He yelled, as he hit me over and over again.

All of a sudden, he pulled out a rope.

"Baby!!! Baby, please don't do this...." I pleaded as he tied me to a chair.

"No! You're going to burn in hell, so why not burn here?" He smiled cruelly as he pulled out a lighter.

"No! No, please, Alex, please...."

He lit the lighter and held it to my neck.

"NO!!! STOP, IT HURTS!!!!" I screamed. But we were in his cellar. No one could hear me.

He burned almost my entire body that night.... He even burned my private area, and raped me right after.

"Why??? Why are you doing this????" I screamed as he was raping me.

"Because worthlesslittle whores like you deserve to be punished!!!!" He screamed back at me.

"Taylor? Taylor, are you ok???"

I felt hands touching me.

'Alex!' I thought, and shoved the hands away from me.

"Please! No more...."

Then I realized that I wasn't with Alex. I was laying on the floor in the hall, with Dan hovering over me.

"Taylor? What the hell just happened?!"

I sat up quickly, too quickly.

"Ow! Shit!"

I had an attack right in front of this beautiful boy.

'There you go Taylor. Alex is right, you're a worthless little whore.'

"I... I need to go." I said, and raced out of the school.