Skylox One Shot: That One Moment

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Skylox One Shot: 

That One Moment.

Deadlox's POV

"You ready!?" Sky asked as I put on my armour for the new sprint jump map we were doing, I placed my helmet on my head and knocked on it, "Ready." I said, looking straight ahead at the jumps we were going to face. "3...2....1...GO!" Sky shouted and headed for the first jump, "LAST ONE THERE IS A ROTTEN- DAMNIT!" He screamed as he fell on the fifth jump, I just laughed and passed by with a breeze, "YOU JUMP LIKE A SQUID!" I screamed behind me. I could her him shout at me, "HEY THAT WAS NOT NICE." I just smirked and carried on. Soon we came to ladder parkour. Our least favourite of them all. I was on the second ladder when sky jumped on the same one, "Move!" He said, "I can't!" I shot back, "Why?" He asked, "because your big head is in the way!" He gasped, "I will eat your foot." He proceeded to jump, and miss by a block. "Good job." I commented sarcastically. We got through and sky suddenly screamed, "THE NEXT PART IS BUTTER. MUST GET THERE NOW." And sprinted past me. I sprinted right behind him and noticed it was all over water. And I could see squids. "Sky, whatever you do. Don't. Look. Down." I warned playfully, "what?" He asked and looked down, "SQUIDS." He shouted then came across four block jumps. "JUMPPP" he would scream every time he jumped, I thought it was cute the way he stuck out his tongue in concentration, I admit, I had a small crush on Sky, but no one else knew, just me. I followed up with a bunch of grunts and weird sounds.

Sky's POV

"I'm in the lead! I'm in the lead!" I thought excitedly while flying past the butter stage. It was beautiful. The sun was setting and the only light came from the few torches set up at checkpoints. "IM BEATING YOU HAHA!" I yell over my shoulder to deadlox, who was grunting at each jump, his deep grunts are the ones that got to me, but I'm not gay, or bi, I've dated girls, I'm straight. I quickly became unfocused and fell on the 3 block. "How did I manage that?!" I asked, swimming back to the last checkpoint. "I don't know, but I'm ahead and," he paused, then I heard a door, "CHECKPOINT!" I swam to the check point and followed behind Ty, "Diamond over lava next!" He warned as he made an incredible corner jump onto a small fence post section. I kept falling and finally gave up, I switched my game mode to creative and flew in front of Ty, "cheater!" He laughed, "you're a cheater!" I grinned, "yeah, so?" And continued to the lava parkour. Ty was only 2 blocks behind me when I switched my game mode back to survival. I failed to check my surroundings and didn't see the skeleton that spawned next to the lava. "SKY, WATCH OUT!" Deadlox screamed a warning to me, I looked to my right and saw a skeleton drawing back it's bow, "SHIT!" I was already in midair when the arrow flew, I made it to the next block but another arrow came flying at me and knocked me off. I looked back to see deadlox jump on the block just as I slipped. "TYYYYYY HAAAALP!" I screamed as I started my descent into the lava, "HAAAALP!"

Deadlox's POV

I saw the skeleton hanging out in the corner of the room, keeping a steady eye on Sky as he carelessly jumps from one diamond block to the next. The skeleton started to draw back his bow very slowly, "SKY, WATCH OUT!" I scream, he turns to look at the skeleton as the first arrow flies, it misses him by an inch, I exhale in relief then saw another arrow fly towards him and knock him off the block, I was already on the same block reaching to grab him, "TYYYYYY HAAAAALP!" He screamed as he fell, "HAAAALP!" I grabbed onto him arm quickly and pulled him up, dodging another arrow, I carried him 'bridal style' off of the course and away from the skeleton. "Thank you, Ty." he said and looked up at my face, his glasses fell of during the fall so I had a perfect view of his chocolate brown eyes. "You're welcome, Adam." I called him by his real name and saw him faintly blush, it was really dark so neither of us could see real well.when he looked back we made eye contact and kept it. He grabbed my shirt and slowly pulled me down close to his face, "You have wonderful eyes." He commented. And started closing the space between our faces.

Sky's POV

I was in Ty's arms as he carried me away from the course and the skeleton, his face looked well complimented by the moonlight now shining down on us, he set me down on a hill thing and sat next to me, "Thank you, Ty." I said and looked up at his beautiful face. My glasses fell on the way down so I had a better view of his face, the way his hair fell in front of his eyes, how much the colour looked like chocolate, his brown eyes, and how green the lights actually are coming off of his headset. All under the glow of the moon. "You're welcome, Adam." He said softly. I blushed and looked away, no one called me Adam. I looked back at him and kept staring at his eyes, his wonderful, brown eyes. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him softly down close to my face and spoke my thoughts, "You have wonderful eyes." I pulled him closer, slowly erasing the distance between our faces, "now, kiss me." I whisper softly in his ear.

Deadlox's POV

He whispered softly into me ear, "now kiss me."  

I couldn't believe what was happening, I had to be hearing things. Adam is straight. Not gay. Not bi, straight. My brain must be hot from the lava, but I heard 'kiss me' so I didn't waste another second. I cupped Sky's face and smashed his lips on mine, no matter how cliche it sounds, it felt right. The way his lips moulded with mine, his warm fingers raking through my hair, my cold fingers holding his face, I was finally kissing my love, and at that one moment, nothing can go wrong. He's the one I need to spend the rest of my life with.

Sky's POV

Without hesitation Ty cupped my face with his cold skinny fingers and smashed his lips to mine, with how much passion was put in to this kiss, I could tell that he has been longing for this moment. And deep down, I know I have too. I think it time for me to accept, I'm gay. And I don't care who knows. Being with Ty feels right. His cold fingers on my face, mine in his soft brown hair, right now, this very moment, everything is perfect. He's the one I need to be with the rest of my life.


Ok so none of my other stories were working for me, probably because 1: I don't keep up with them. 2: I can't hold out a story. 3: I'm better off If I just post One Shots where I only have to upload 1 thing and wait for a new idea for another one. So I'm just going to be writing one shots. Tell me if you liked this Skylox one shot, I went a different route here! 




Love you <3

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