Chapter 16

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“Same?” I asked Leanne as I finished my drink and set the empty glass on the table. 

We had been waiting for the last half on Evan’s name being called but I guess they were busier than I’d realized because he still hadn’t had his moment to shine.

“Yes please,” Leanne replied in a chirpy voice.

I don’t know whether it was the drink going to her head or like me she was just waiting to see his majesty’s face when his name gets called but she seemed in a really good mood – better than usual anyway.

I got up and made my way to the bar, careful to blend into the crowd to avoid Evan.  I know he’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the box but i don’t think it would take a genius to work out who put him up for karaoke if he spots me in the crowd waving with a big grin on my face – nah even he could figure that one out.

Getting up to the bar, I ordered two drinks just as the woman belting out ‘Don’t stop Believing’ finished and everyone began clapping and cheering even though she was shit.  I didn’t even pretend to clap as I handed my money over and waited for my change. 

That has to be one of the worst karaoke songs invented.  Thanks to Glee everyone from my gran to my little cousin thinks she can belt that one out and sound like fucking Leona Lewis - someone really needs to give them a reality check on hitting those high notes.

 “Okay and next up,” the middle aged guy shouted through the mike and over all the pissheads talking, “Is Evan Smith singing Madonna’s Like a virgin.”

I had both drinks in my hand en route back to my seat when this happened and I kid you not it’s like Evan felt me staring at him and turned around to meet me dead in the eyes.  That was just too much.  I burst out laughing, doubled over in the middle of this bar not even able to look at him because the expression on his face was just fucking priceless.  I swear to god I think I even snorted I was laughing that hard – people were looking at me like I’d lost the effin plot.

Once I’d managed to pull myself together I looked up again to see evan towering directly over me and that just seemed to start me over again.  This time it was the hysterical ‘trying so hard not to laugh but barely able to breath’ type.

So I guess there goes any chances of me not getting caught then.

“You think this is so funny don’t you?” he asked me with his eyebrows raised.

Now if there is one question you never ask a crazy person it’s that.  Of course I think I’m funny, I’m a fucking legend and I’ll just prove it by nearly pissing myself with laughter right here in this bar.  I couldn’t even answer him; I was too busy having silent giggles and avoiding looking at him because every time I did it just started me off again.

I guess he was getting sick of being joke numero uno tonight because he grabbed both the drinks out of my hand and that sobered me up pretty quickly.

“Hey that’s fight talk,” I snapped making a play for the glasses but he spun around and stuck them on the table next to these two kids that looked about freaking ten and get this, told them “They were on him.”

Nah mate, I think you’ll find I bought them so I can take them back anytime I fucking want, and right now I want them back. 

I tried to sidestep him to reach my poor abandoned vodka and coke but he pushed me back not so gently either and took a step forward blocking my way again.

“Evan Smith,” the guy shouted over the speaker still waiting for him to step forward and do his thing, so I decided to give him a little hand.

“He’s right here,” I shouted, pointing straight at him and I could see Leanne watching and absolutely pissing herself as well.

I’m telling you now if looks could kill I would’ve dropped dead right there and then.

“Don’t be shy Evan, get on up here,” the guy shouted over the mike as Evan turned around to see him.

“Yeah don’t be shy Evan,” I mimicked giving him a little shove and grabbing both my drinks back up.

The two little ten year olds gave me a dirty look at taking my drinks back which I returned raising my eyebrows in a ‘just fucking start I will annihilate the pair of you’ kind of way and they broke contact.  Shouldn’t they be in bed anyway?

Winding my way through the crowd I collapsed in the booth next to Leanne, spilling not one drop might I add, as Evan finally took to the stage with the mike in hand and a death glare in my direction.  I’ve gotta give it to the boy though, at least he had the balls to get up there – you wouldn’t have seen me for dust if the roles were reversed.  Strike that it depends how much alcohol I had in my system.

Getting my phone I switched on the video camera as the music started, and I quite clearly saw his mouth move, while his eyes were trained directly on me.

Now I’m no lip syncing expert but I’m pretty sure he said ‘Just Wait.’

Wait for what?  Am I scared…hell no.  Things just got interesting.

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