Merry Early Christmas and goodbye!

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Wideye Prime: Merry Early Christmas, everyone!

Megatron: Yes this is our goodbye, so goodbye and have a happy day!

Wideye Prime: This is when we won't be writing anymore chapters. Yes I know it is sad... :(

Knockout: Don't forget me though! Hello the smexy con here! Have a nice day and daydream about me! :)

Starscream: Goodbye! I love you all! *Kisses*

Bulkhead: I hope you enjoyed reading this book!

Arcee: BYE!

Bumblebee: And if you guys were wondering if I and Arcee got together, yes we are now spark mates!

Soundwave: Have a nice holidays!

Ratchet: Here is a present for all of you... *Gives all of you wrenches*

Shockwave: *Cries* I am going to miss you guys!

Predaking: Bye! *Waves*

Unicron: Don't worry I will visit destroy ur world! *Laughs*

Transformers: Goodbye, we love you all! And so comes an end to THE AVENTURES OF WIDEYE PRIME BOOK! :) :) :) :) :)