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Armani's Pov

I just got home and I'm glad to be home. I missed my bed and the kids. And speaking of them, there they are standing in my doorway.

TJ and Asia: Mommy

Me: Hi babies. Mommy missed you soooo much

TJ: We missed you too Mommy

Asia: Can we sleep with you tonight

Me: Yes you can

They got comfortable and I tell you this is one of the best feelings ever.

TJ: Mommy

Me: Yeah

TJ: Are you gonna stay here with me and Sia (Asia)

Me: Yes Mommy's staying

Asia: I missed you a lot Mommy

Me: I missed you more

TJ: I like your hair Mommy. It's my favorite color

Me: I know

TJ: Can we paint my room red Mommy

Me: I don't see why not

TJ: Can we wait until Daddy comes home

Me: Yes we can now yall go to sleep and we'll call Daddy in the morning

Asia: good night Mommy. Love you

TJ: Good night Mommy. Love you

Me: Mommy loves yall too

Trey's Pov

I miss my wife and kids. Call me soft, but I don't want to be anywhere but home in Virginia with my family. I know it's like 6 in the morning there, so Mani should be up. We bout to Skype.

Armani: good morning

Asia: Hey Daddy

TJ: Daddy

They're all looking like they just woke up.

Me: did yall just wake up

Armani: Yeah

Me: Well you still look beautiful to me

Armani: awww thanks baby

Me: I wish I was next to you. I miss you

Armani: I miss you too. How many shows do you have left

Me: 15

Armani: Well after the third one you're going to get something special

Me: Can I know what it is

Armani: No

Me: Alright but forreal I miss yall

Armani: we miss you too Baby

Me: What you gon do today

Armani: I'm probably gonna just gonna drop the kids off at school and go to the gym

Me: that sounds nice. Can I ask you something baby

Armani: Yeah

Me: Do you think you can come see me while I'm still on tour

Armani: Yes I can come see you

Me: Alright but don't keep me waiting too long

Armani: I wouldn't do that to you. I can't stay away from you too long

Me: (singing) I can't stay away from you too long

She smiles and I honestly have to say that I love when my baby smiles. She's just beautiful. We stayed on for another few minutes and then she started getting ready.

Me: Baby

She sat in front of me.

Armani: Yeah

Me: Baby I love you

Armani: I love you too and I'm gonna come see you soon

Me: Alright call me when you get home

Armani: I will. I love you Daddy

Me: I love you too Mama

She blew me a kiss and then I did the same right before hanging up.

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