It was dark outside, but it was no longer snowing so hard which was definitely a plus.

I heard him before I saw him, since Dylan's voice was always booming and confident. "You sure you want to sit out here in the dark?"

I did actually, hence why I neglected to turn on the light, since I got in a lot of trouble the last time I left the lights on for too long and my parents made me pay the part of the electric bill that covered my room with my cupcake money. Of course, Dylan didn't understand this, and if he did, then it wasn't on the same level as I did.

I was about to turn and affirm that I did want the light off, but when I saw him I felt my heart stop. Dylan was standing in the doorway of my balcony, which I expected. But I didn't expect him to be pulling his shirt on over his head or to see his abs as well as a smattering of hair trailing them until it disappeared beneath them. Even though it was so cold outside, I could feel my cheeks heat up with a blush.

"It's cold outside," I said weakly, "are you sure you don't want to grab your coat or something?"

He rolled his eyes, crossing the balcony to sit down beside me on the other chair. "V, After all that I've been through, I don't think this would hurt me." He reached for the mug of cocoa that sat before us and lifted it to his lips before I could stop him. "Plus, I have this hot chocolate - that's more lukewarm than hot, but it's still good. What more could I need?"

It was shocking, terrifying, and ridiculously embarrassing all at the same time. Not for Dylan who seemed to be quite pleased with himself, but because he pretty much just kissed me right now and it was probably the only way that would happen in a thousand galaxies and a thousand more lifetimes. I could've chosen to freak out over it, but then I noticed the mustache that the hot cocoa left behind on his upper lip.

Before I knew it, I was keeled over in laughter, trying to remember the last thing I found this funny but everything was coming up blank.

Maybe it was his look of confusion or the fact that the mustache was still there, but this moment was good and pure and everything I wanted.

After I took a shower, I changed into new pajamas that were from Tangled - because Tangled was obviously better than Frozen - and made my way back to the living room where sure enough, Dylan had his feet up on my coffee table as he messed with the remote control for my flat screen TV.

I could hear him cursing in frustration so I offered to help as I sat down.

"I'm doing fine," he said under his breath and sure enough he was because the display finally turned into the root menu for the movie.

"Ready," he said, "to hear me sing like a professional for the first and only time."

I laughed, covering my mouth with my hand in a fruitless attempt to stifle my giggles. This had been a weird night. He had kidnapped me and made me an accomplice in his last-minute Christmas shopping spree, drank my hot chocolate, and somehow convinced me to watch a movie with him.

I thought of what Becca said though, wiping the smile off my face. About us having to D.T.R., for it made everything between us more difficult. I was somewhat convinced that he was a friend of mine, but his social status and my feelings for him complicated the matter. Either way, I would have to be careful around him, especially because of the takedown. He didn't exactly lead by example as a trustworthy person.

Now that that was taken care of, I smiled at Dylan who sent me a sexy smirk. "Hit it," I said.

He laughed. "V, I warned you," he said as he pressed the play button. "Time for me to bring down the house."

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