Getting to know

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name: Tak C. knight (adopted, so new last name: witwicky)

Age: 17

Hair: Black, with blue streaks

Eyes: Mismatched- Red (HIS right) Blue (HIS left)

(Right eye bandaged.)

B-day: October 31st (Halloween)

Likes: Skateboards, skating (even on ice), hiking, loves to help, Drawing (painting, sketching, etc) , Music (all kinds), Trying new things, books (all kinds), family/ friends, Auto-bots.

Dislikes: Bully's, seeing friends/ family hurt, being a problem, being alone sometimes, Decepticons.

Style: Straight A student, but lazy. Always there to help. Wise when needed, and understanding. Funny and kind. loves to go out and hike or watch scenery/ clouds. Relaxed. can be a rebel, with or without a cause.

Code Names: Shadow, #13, Cheshire cat, Black cat

Skills: Think assassin's creed (wall climbing, stealth, blend, assassin skills,etc), Hacking, persuasion, and skilled with any weapon, master in the arts (both art and physical training) and knowledge.

Items: The only thing he has left of his family is a silver locket/pocket watch, on side has a photo of his parents the other is a clock, it's connected to a chain, he always wares it, never taking it off for anything. (has on 24/7/365/1 yr, while sleeping or showering it stays on)

History: Tak's mother and father were secret agents, black op, FBI, CIA, etc. they were relocated as scientists under sector 7. His mother was poisoned one day, she was still pregnant with him, his father had a chance to save there child by cutting open his wife to retrieve him. She was already so far gone that there was no pain, Tak had to grow up alone and without a family, Tak's father was the only one to raise him. Tak's father was going to get his son a special gift but he would be gone for 2 weeks, so he invited his best friend to come over to watch Tak while he was gone.

This man was nice at first but after Tak's father was gone, he turned mean and beaten Tak, he thought that once his father got back things would get better, but it didn't. The man soon killed his father in his sleep and set the house on fire before he fled, and Tak luckily survived. Tak saw him once again near the cliff side, and he didn't exactly recall what happened next, it was like blacking out almost. Tak pushed him off the cliff side, and watched him die. Tak grew up on the streets and traveled the world, he stole only what he needed, never anything more. Tak knew how to be a spy/assassin since his father showed him the ropes on being one.

' I was kidnapped by these people from a place called 'Silent Hill'. I was experiment/ subject 13 the only one that survived the gruesome experiments. the others all died all by different experiments and punishments. I was soon trained to be a tool, a killer with no emotions, but by the time I turned 5, I found out they were using me more than I knew. I killed them all and blew up that place. '-Tak

Tak was back on the streets but, soon found His mothers friend (Witwicky's mother) he was 13 and was soon taken in, and grew up with Sam.

*4 years later*

This is were our story begins

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