Storm Calls

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Giotto and Tsuna were sitting in the living room of the Vongola Mansion, each with a glass of water in hand. The two of them had finished training with each other and improved a lot. This was a once in a lifetime chance for Tsuna to learn about the techniques that Vongola Primo himself created and learn them directly from him.
It wasn't just learning from the Vongola Primo, though. Giotto was interested in what his descendant had learned from the future.

The two of them fought each other, then took turns demonstrating their fighting styles and techniques and they even came up with some new ideas for when they're in battle again.
Tsuna took a sip of his water and looked up at Giotto.

"What are we going to do now?" He asked.

"First, we'll wait for the others to return from their training." Giotto replied with a smile. Tsuna nodded and looked back at the clear glass that was in his hands.

After a little while, Ugetsu and Yamamoto came walking inside the mansion happily.

"You're really something, Ugetsu, I'm happy I had the chance to learn from you." Yamamoto said and smiled.

"You have a good style yourself, it's nice to see the future Rain Guardian fits his name as well as the strength to protect his family." Ugetsu replied.
The two of them grinned again and then sat down in the room with Giotto and Tsuna.

"Seems like things went well." Giotto guessed.

"Yes, I think this training was a good idea, I can say that both of us learned something from it." Ugestu replied.

"How did yours go, Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked.

"Fine." Tsuna nodded. "This will definitely help in the next battle."
As Tsuna finished his sentence, purple mist surrounded the area and two figures appeared. The mist cleared, and sure enough, Daemon and Mukuro were standing there.

"Kufufufu, I commend your for staying alive, although don't expect that to remain the same next time." Mukuro chuckled.

"Nufufufu, and I commend you for surviving the tricks that were set up, even if you are the Mist Guardian for the future Vongola family." Daemon replied.

"I never chose that name for myself, so I hold nothing to name, in fact, I would say that I exceed that title." Mukuro replied.

"Welcome back." Giotto said.
Daemon and Mukuro mutter and acknowledgement and then sat down in the living room.

"We're all here now." Giotto started. Since Alaude, Hibari, Lampo, and Lambo are watching over the towns and Knuckle and Ryohei are treating the wounded, they weren't going to be at the mansion.

"It seems that all of our training went well." Giotto continued and looked around the room at other five who were there. "Now, we can move on to the next step."

"Next step..." Tsuna mumbled. "Are you talking about your plan to find and defeat the real shadow base?"

Giotto nodded.
The five in the room looked around at each other.

"Do you have an idea on where it is?" Ugetsu asked?

"No." Giotto replied.

"What? Then how are we going to find them?" Tsuna questioned.

"We aren't going to find their location, they are going to tell us where the base is." Giotto smiled.

"They? Who's they? The shadow members?" Yamamoto asked.

"You'll find out soon enough." Giotto replied and left to refill his drink in the kitchen.

Tsuna and Yamamoto glanced at each other.

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