First day of school continued

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When i got to my second class things started to look up. My friend Cassy was in the class and she had saved me a seat!The teacher made us pair up again and we were partners.I had missed her over the summer because she had gone to france for the entire time. We compared scheduales. It turns out that we have lunch together so i wont have to worry about being alone. Im starting to think that the day could go well until i get to third period where the teacher has already picked our groups and i must leave my friend jackie and go sit next to jessica. She is really mean to anyone who is not her friend. Somehow she thinks it will make her popuar but everyone hates her at school.

"Hello Jessicsa" i said.

She turned to glare at me. I shrugged at her and sat down ignoring her for the rest of class.

Finally lunchtime came around. When i got to the lunchroom i found cassy sitting with jackie and a whole bunch of my friends. I sat down and we had loads of fun catching up.


When the last bell finally rang i ran out of school and went home. I had homework to do because some teachers think it is fun to make kids work on the first day back at school. I always hated teachers like that. I looked through my homework that involved drawing a picture of our family(what are we in kindergarten), writing a poem, and filling out a sheet of math problems. I hate math so i knew that the math sheet would probablly take a while so i grabed my calculater and went outside to my treehouse. I always do my homework up there. I even have a desk, a chair and a bean bag couch up there. once i finally finished the math sheet i rushed through the other two and went to go grab a snack.

I turned on the t.v. only to here a request for lone wolf to paint something on the townhall in my town.

Well maybe i will go pay them a visit later. I went up to my room to gather my paints and i planned out a picture to draw. I decide on a simple field of flowers and trees and i head over to the town hall.


Standing back i look at the scene i have painted all thats left to do is sign it but i feel like i should add something more. I dont know why i want to but a few minutes later i am now ready to sign it and standing in the corner of the picture hidden in the trees is a lone wolf.


Thanks for readding i hope you like it.

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