Chapter Twenty-Nine» The Wild Fire

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In each corner, it echoed like a blown grenade. Shattering everything to pieces, ripping the world apart. Bringing forth a silence. The silence before a storm.

Everywhere I looked, silence filled  each corner, no longer able to say anything, no longer able whisper anything. The air around us, itself chocked in despair, no longer able to travel around, no longer able to carry the message of misery; like a broken sculpture, with its soul ripped apart, the dust washed away, falling against the unknown, failing to see the world around them.

The chains of life rattled in despair, unable to hold on to the ripped threads of fate, unable to carry on.

A deafening silence rang in my ears, the severity of the pitch daring to rip my ear drums. Looking upwards my gaze flickered aimlessly at my brother, seeing his face twist in to pain, unable to conceal his emotions. Like a fallen gladiator, he sat beside me, waiting for something, anything yet none came. The only answer that remained was silence.

The slapping rain covered the floor, crying its misery, daring to flood the world around me; yet what more could it do. My world had already crashed, ripped to pieces. What more was left. Merely the remaining ashes of a broken kingdom

Reaching towards me, I felt my brother cup my face, bringing his forehead against mine. A sign of love, an act  I had done when I was younger. Stroking my face lightly he glanced at me, as if he was waiting for something but it never happened. Nothing happened.

Offering him a light smile I found my legs barely able to stand up, feeling the loose scarf on my neck trail on to the floor, wetting against the pouring rain, drenching against its tears, but I didn't care, nothing mattered in that moment.

All I wanted was silence. Silence strong enough to take me away from here. Take me somewhere far far away. A place no one knows exist.

The roaring rain became a lullaby washing against the howling wind. Urging my legs to carry me, I found a hand reach towards my shaky one, pulling me backwards, my movements stopping.

The only thing I heard was silence, a deafening silence and even if I looked at Usmaan's moving lips all I stared at was the pain reflecting in his eyes, as he held on to my shoulders shaking it lightly, trying to bring me back to sense but I was, it's just this time I refused to hear anything. Refused to listen to the tales of deceit and the tunes of misery.

Moving his hands away from my shoulder, I moved forward. Striding towards the bathroom hearing disoriented yell, calling behind me. Urging me to stop, crying for me to stop yet I couldn't hear. I remained deaf to all their cries, all their pleading. Maybe it was because I didn't want to hear anymore, I did not possess the strength.

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