69. My Turn

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I climbed on top of Justin. 

"You're not controlling or dominating me tonight." I said. 

"What if I don't want that?" 

"I don't care what you want." I ran my fingers down his neck. His eye brows rose. 

"Let me take care of you." I smirked. "You take care of me-" I softy kissed his lips. "-too much." I whispered. I trailed my lips to his neck and lightly suck on his skin.  I felt his hands travel up my shirt. I grabbed the hem of his shirt. "Sit up." I ordered. He obeyed and I pulled his shirt over his head. I pushed him back. 

"Damn babe."

 I lifted my shirt off my head. He unhooked my bra and threw it across the room. 

"You shouldn't wear bras around me anyways." He said. 

I moved down his lap and went to unbuckle his pants. 

"What are you doing?" He gripped my wrist. 

"Taking care of my boyfriend." I answered and pulled down his pants with my free hand. 

"You don't have-" 

"I want too." I interrupted. 

"You've never done this before." 

"There's a first for everything, right?" I smirked and rubbed him through his boxers. 

He bit his bottom lip. I pulled down his boxers, gripped him and looked up into his eyes. He looked at me and his lips parted. He looked like he wanted to say something. I placed my mouth on him before he could. 

"Shit." He whispered. 

I took him further in my mouth. I loved the expression on his face. I gripped him tighter and did my best to please him. I took him out and left kisses on him. 

"Don't even do that." He ordered. I smirked and continued kissing his length while staring at him. 

"Why not?" I smirked. 

"Because I said-" I placed him in my mouth again to shut him up. 

I twisted my hand, making him moaned. I took him further in my mouth. I coughed and pulled him out. I took a breath and wiped my mouth. I went again. 

"Fuck! Baby, don't stop!" Justin groaned. 

I continued. I felt his hand tangle in my hair. He pushed my head down. He moaned again. I was feeling good about myself. I must be doing a good job, I thought. 

He pushed me down again, making me gag. I pulled my head up. 

"Justin!" I coughed. 

His chest was heaving and he smirked. I swirled my tongue around the top of him. He squeezed his eyes shut. I kissed up and down him. Justin held my hair as I took him on my mouth. I continued my work as he cursed and moaned. 

"You like that baby?" I took him out again.  

He sat up and pushed me back. It took me by surprise. I screamed and laughed. 

"My turn." He towered over me. He undid my pants and quickly pulled them off in one swift move.  

He spread my leg and place his mouth on me. My head threw back. He pushed his tongue on me and flicked it. I looked down on him. "Jus..tin." I moaned. He continued his work.  

My eyes rolled. I felt something go into me. It all happened so fast, it made me yelp. I looked back down and Justin was pumping his fingers in and out of me. He looked at me. I grabbed his arm. 

"No, don't." He moved my hand. I felt my walls starting to contract. 

"Don't cum 'til I tell you to." He continued. 

"Just- I can't-" I started. He pulled his fingers out and smirked at me. 

"I hate you." I groaned. 

"Really?" He crawled on top of me and pecked my lips. 

"Yes." I said staring in his eyes. 

"Say it again." He ordered. 

"I hate- FUCK!" He interrupted me by slamming into me. 

He leaned his head down to my ear. 

"Say it." He ordered again, continuously thrusting into me. My nails running down his back and neck. He groaned. "You feel so good..." He struggled to say. He sped up. Moans continued to slip out my mouth. He concealed my lips with his to shut me up. "They're going to hear you remember?" He bit my lip. My breath hitched as he went faster.  

He hid his face in the crook of my neck. I gripped the sheets and moved my neck to give him more room. My body was becoming weaker and weaker with every thrust, but so was his. 

I flipped him over and got on top. 

"Your turn my ass." I panted and placed him back inside me. I ran my fingers through my hair and started riding him. 

He didn't even try to flip my back over. I moaned as he squeezed my bum and guided me. His eyes squeezed shut again as he moaned. I grind against him increasing the friction. 

"Look at me." I cupped his face and continued. I bit my bottom lip as I grind rougher. I moaned while keeping my eyes on him. "FUCK!" I cried out, my body growing weaker and weaker. I slowed down.  

There was a knock at the door. 

"AYE KEEP IT DOWN!" I heard Za's voice and Sammie's laugh. I turned my head towards the door and yelled. 

"Go away!" 

Justin wrapped his arm around my waist and flipped me over. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his powerful thrust rattled my body, completely sending me over the edge and taking my last ounce of strength.

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