Chapter Twenty-Eight» A Tale Of a Broken Heart

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Silence is the strongest of weapons, any man can possess.

These had been the words I obliged my life by. The very words which had led me to thrive further in life; to see the world in an eye which others didn't. To ascertain a will for happiness which others hadn't.

There had been many moments which led me to belive the uncanny truth of, is there more to life. What purpose did I truly serve here and yet each time, I remained in the unknown. Having no knowledge of what life was truly like, what happiness was truly like.

I hadn't known what despair was, what pain and heartache was until I married. Like many before me, marriage had been a dream of a kind. An essence of the most delicate of flowers, a fragrance of life yet unbeknownst to me. Marriage had wrecked everything, had pulled me to a parallel world which I couldn't escape and which I couldn't stay in.

It was simple. I was trapped.

Much like bird, creatures of freedom. I yearned for more in life yet I was given this, a life of a broken promise.

An eerie like silence fell upon us. Hounding in each corner, filling the void of ripped threads, the very threads led to tie the knots of life. Even if the rusty old restaurant guffawed with the tunes of music and happiness, all that remained of me was a shell of a person glancing ahead, feeling the life drain out of me, little by little.

Everywhere I looked, in each corner I seeked refuge, all that remained was the greed to life. Each gripping on to the nearest source of happiness, anything to give them will to live. Much like the Pandora box, hiding the secrets and demons of the world, I found my body shaking. The fear I held on to, evoking from each corner, cackling against my misery.

The once amused look on the man's face washed away, like the blooď thirsty wind, on the Sahara desert. His relaxed posture, an act which I once longed to see now tensed as he sat upwards, all signs of happiness dispersing away from him.

Inhaling a hesitant breath, I found myself pushing the wooden chair backwards. The creaking of the old wood crying for mercy, for a resolution as I stood up, gripping against my black coat.

Each movement I made, it felt as though a hundred sharp needĺes were being pushed inside of me. Pulling me against reality and a fantasy, each one having their dips on the dominant winner. It took everything within me to glance at the man, seeing his dark charcoal eyes stare at me. Never moving, as though a storm was brewing inside them, ready to emerge.

Silence became my ally, finding myself place a small tip on the table, all the whilst feeling the dark eyes of a monster stare at me. As though any minute now, he'd pounce forward gripping on to his prey.

With my gaze downcast, I found my mouth opening barely whispering the words coming out.

" I want go home. Will you take me home"

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