September 10, 2014

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Hi Vans! I am now sitting on my bed, my room's almost cleaned up except for two unpacked boxes, I already stuck a few pictures on walls and stuff and put up these fairy lights I bought yesterday. It's going to feel like home soon. I don't have a specific idea about what I want my room to look like, 'cause moving three times now just messed up the image I have in mind of 'home', but if it's warm and has sunlight streaking in by till 5 in the evening, it does it for me.

Yesterday turned out so much fun! 'Cause dad remembered, he brought me flowers, four books and we had Chinese for dinner! Four books! Looks like he can pretend as well as Aunt Claire, who tricked me into believing my entire birthday was missing from the calendar the day I turned eight. He kept his poker face till very late in the evening, by the time I already gave up hope of anything fun happening, because I found the idea of reminding a parent his child's birthday to be very sad. I was just planning to watch a re-run of Friends when he just slightly stretched and asked me to go get him the green box of sweets from the kitchen. He brings some home almost every weekend from that little Indian sweet shop by the end of the lane so it was not a big surprise, but when I entered the kitchen, there was more than a box of sweets waiting on the table. 

"I didn't know what would get you salivating more," He says laughing, when I give a little shriek of happiness and pounce on him hugging him violently, belly and all.

I can't believe how mindlessly depressed I was yesterday that I literally wrote only, like three paras about my new high school. I mean, that's not a lot for me, now that I just happen to write more and more.

Aaaand how most of it was my sunny encounter with that-typical-douchebag-you-just-happen-to-know. Just my luck as I know nobody else here. Well I do, like the girl who smiles at me in Chemistry but is too shy to say anything back, the boy who tried a conversation at lunch yesterday, and waved today. But I guess if I don't know their names I can't really include them, because if I did I would have to include the platinum blonde girls who rolled their eyes at me in the corridors, too. There's gotta be one of them in every school.

He had the nerve to ask me how I was doing today, by the lockers. I sort of grunted a 'hi' and 'fine', and was beginning to walk away, when he, unperturbed, went, "Did you fill any of the Olympiad applications?" Talk about casual conversation. With Colby.

He leaned by the lockers, in that pose I have come to associate with jocks very well. You know, slight lean, one leg crossed over the other, nose in the air.

 You know, slight lean, one leg crossed over the other, nose in the air

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"No," I replied. And it puzzles me even now, why he'd be bothered in the slightest about me filling up Olympiad forms. Even though I did win a few medals in elementary, who would he be to care?

"The Science Club is giving out forms by the science lab wing including the one for IOL, you know, if you're good at grammar and stuff. You might want to hurry up and give the fees and your name 'cause the last day is tomorrow. 3$ for each Olympiad."

"Um, okay?" I said, trying to be less stiff, mirroring him. It doesn't happen, of course.

"I just thought you would be interested," he said, giving me a quizzical look.

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