Chapter 1: Moving Day

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I stood staring out my window. I held my old Aeropostale messenger bag with the last of my things. I turned around and looked at my room. It was empty, completely and totally empty. My hot pink walls were no longer covered in picture frames of my best friend Amanda, and my cousin Jessica. No more pictures of my old friend Micheal having his arm over my shoulder while wearing his seventh grade basketball uniform. No more pictures of my cat Molly glaring up at me when I took the picture of her on Christmas day when I was twelve. They were empty. The floor was empty, too. There was no furniture in the room. There was no rugs on the floor. There was nothing, nothing at all. It was the first time I've ever seen my room like this. It felt so cold. It felt so different.

"Bekah, its time to go!' I heard my mom yell from downstairs. I sighed and look down at my old Levi blue jeans and yellow converse sneakers. I lived in only this house all of my life. . . up until two years ago when my parents got divorced. Then every other weekend my dad's home would also be my home.I'd have to share a house with my dad and his new wife, Bella. She worked for a accounting firm, was 4'11, with wavy dirty blonde hair and and had a temper as short as a twig. It didn't take much to burst her bubble, or at least for Hannah and me it didn't. She rarely got ticked at dad, and occasionally gets mad at her twenty year old son Jay who stays at their house whenever he feels like it. Seriously. There were nights where it would be ten o'clock, I would be watching T.V. and he would just knock on the door, come in, and crash in the guest bedroom. His mother never knew when he would come, and neither did his step dad. It wasn't that Bella who was a bomb ready to blow at any time or her irresponsible son that caused me to not like staying at their house, it was just it didn't feel like home.

"I'm coming.' I called back. I looked around the room to make sure just in case I didn't forget anything, and I started to walk for the door. I grab the knob and looked around the room for one last time, and shut the door. I walked down the stairs, skipping each step and walked though the front door to our drive way. The back seat door was still open for me, and I already saw Hannah sitting in the back with her ear buds in her ears, listening to some crappy rap song most likely. On her head she had a black and white baseball cap, and she wore a black tank top with ripped up blue jeans and Orange converse high tops. What happened to my Innocent, kind and sweet little sister, and why was she replaced by some annoying, rebellious girl that wanted to act like she was twenty one and dressed like she worked for a pimp?

I got in our Envoy and slammed the door shut. My mom was still outside talking to our neighbor Mrs. Sieb. She turned around when I shut the door and I gave her one hard look. She looked back, like she was a bit upset at me. She knew I had been acting like this since she told me we were moving last October. Whenever she brought up about going to a new school, I gave her that look. Whenever she talked about how we were going to live on a farm in the middle of the boondocks, I gave her that look. And most of all, whenever she mentioned that the town we were moving to was the same town mom and dad met, I gave her that look so hard and so cold. She knew I didn't like the idea most of all that we were moving to mom and dad's teenage hometown.

Mom finally stopped talking to Mrs. Sieb and gave her a hug. Then she got in the car and started the drive down the driveway. Mrs. Sieb was standing in the driveway waving at us, white mom waved back. Hannah was texting on her cellphone, not paying attention to our house that we would probably never see again. I leaned my head against the cool window and looked outside at the passing houses, oak trees and kids riding their bikes pass us. I closed my eyes and sighed. I imagined our old family picture. With Dad in the back, with his arm draped over moms shoulder. She hand on Hannah's shoulder, and dad's on mine. We all looked so happy then. I just wished that we could be happy like that now.

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