Chapter Eight: Meeting with Lilliana

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"Now what can I do for you both?" Lilliana asked pottering around her kitchen, it had taken her a couple of days before she had been able to invite Gabriela and Jacob to her home. 

It had been a surprised when Jacob had shown up and asked to see her, Lilliana hardly saw anyone and she knew it must be important if a protector of the tribe had come to see her on urgent business. 

Gabriela messed with the sleeve of her grey jumper, she peeked at Jacob knowing it was best that she explain first; Nessie was standing close to Jacob glaring at her like she had killed her cat or something. 

"I spoke with a shaman back home and they told me that I am bonded to Jacob," Gabriela explained nervously, she felt a little embarrassed to admit that she was meant to be getting married; she remembered how badly the last shaman had taken that news. 

Jacob crossed his arms and watched Gabriela, he didn't miss the fact that she hadn't told Lilliana that she had been getting married; he guessed that it wasn't going to be a good thing. 

"That is true... your ancestors blessed you both," Lilliana said smiling, she looked at Gabriela knowing that she was the perfect wife for the alpha of the pack; she didn't know why they'd had to come here to speak with her about that. 

Emma groaned, she wondered why no one could see that Gabriela and Jacob were meant for other people; he had Nessie and Gabriela was meant to be marrying her brother. 

"That can't be," Nessie said shaking her head, she didn't want to believe that Gabriela might have a greater claim to Jacob than she did; he was everything that she had ever wanted and it could all be taken away from her in a flash. 

Nessie knew if there was a way to break her imprint with Jacob then her parents would jump at it, they would push her to be Nahuel and Nessie had no interested in that; she was trying to fight the bond that had formed between her and the other hybrid.

"And you are you?" Lilliana asked not pleased with the outburst, she wasn't blind and she didn't have to be blind to see the connection between Jacob and Gabriela; it was rare to see a bond like theirs and it was a very special gift. 

Gabriela peeked at Emma, she had no idea what to make of this and she knew that Daniel was not going to be happy; he wanted her to come home so they could rearrange their wedding. 

"Nessie... Jacob's imprint," Nessie introduced herself, she emphasized the word imprint as if it would make Lilliana realise how wrong she was about the bond between Jacob and the other woman. 

It was quiet for a moment before Lilliana scoffed and shook her head, there was no way that Nessie could be Jacob's imprint when Gabriela was the woman that his ancestors had chosen for him. 

"What's that meant to mean," Nessie snapped staring at Lilliana, she didn't like how the woman was dismissing her own bond to Jacob when she seemed so pleased with his bond with Gabriela. 

It scared Nessie that Lilliana had been so quick to dismiss her bond, she couldn't lose Jacob and she had no idea what she would do if that happened; it was selfish but she was sure they'd be happy together if they had the chance. 

"Your bond is forced," Lilliana stated looking at Jacob, she had no idea how he had managed to make such a mess of this; she had heard that he had been crazy for Bella Swan and maybe that was what had led him to this moment. 

Gabriela and Emma shared a look not knowing what was being talked about, neither of them knew what an imprint was or the bond that Nessie seemed to be clinging to.

"How do we break the bond?" Jacob asked wrapping an arm around Nessie, he hated that this all seemed to be a mess and he was sure that it was easily fixed; he was meant to be with Nessie. 

There was nothing that would change that and Gabriela seemed set on returning to her fiancé, it did strike Jacob as odd that he wasn't here with her; instead his sister had made the trip with Gabriela. 

"You both want this?" Lilliana asked surprised that they were so willing to throw away their bond for other people, she could only see people getting hurt and she hoped she was wrong. 

Gabriela nodded her head, she hoped that Lilliana would be able to help them and she had no idea what she would do if she didn't; she doubted any wedding would end well with Daniel as the groom. 

It was quiet for a moment and Lilliana looked like she was deep in concentration for a moment; her lips pursed before she blinked and nodded her head. 

"I need to see the gift," Lilliana murmured softly, she stepped towards Gabriela as she finished the olive wood necklace with circles pendant out of her black shoulder bag and handed it carefully over to Lilliana. 

Ignoring the look of surprise from Jacob, Gabriela chewed on her lip and she prayed that that there was something that could be done; she wanted to move on with her life, there was no place for her in La Push anymore. 

"It is how I feared... you must go to the place this was given and destroy it together," Lilliana mused looking the necklace over, she doubted that this was what they wanted to hear but it was the only way that they could do this. 

Nessie stared at the necklace, it was so pretty and it made her reach for the bracelet that Jacob had given her for her first Christmas; she had felt so special and it hurt to know he'd done this before.


"So we have to take a trip up to Ozette?" Gabriela murmured softly, she hadn't been that way in years and she knew that it wasn't going to be an easy trip; she peeked at Jacob not knowing what to say to him. 

It had been a long afternoon and Gabriela hoped that it would be okay, she could see that Nessie wasn't happy about this and she hoped that she wouldn't have to deal with the other woman being a brat. 

"We'll sort it out for next week," Jacob said with a nod of his head, he had things to sort out and the trip wasn't going to be an easy one; it was only about an hour to Ozette but the trip to the cabin would be a difficult one. 

That wasn't even mentioning the fact that they would then have to find the cave where Jacob had given her the necklace, it was going to be hard and the last thing that they needed was any trouble. 

Turning to look at Nessie, Jacob sighed knowing that he wasn't looking forward to the talk that would come when he was alone with her; she didn't look happy and Jacob could only imagine what was going on in her mind. 

"I better head back to the hotel," Gabriela said sensing that Jacob and Nessie needed to talk in private, she got to her feet and told Jacob that she would call him tomorrow so they could plan out their trip. 

Nessie didn't say a word watching Gabriela leave, she leant against the wall thinking about everything that Lilliana had told them about the breaking of the bond. 

It was a trip that Gabriela and Jacob would have to take alone and Nessie was far from pleased with that; she hated that things might fall away and she would be left alone. 

"Nessie..." Jacob whispered stepping towards his girlfriend, he hated how quiet she had been since Gabriela arrived and he wished that she would talk to him about what was on her mind. 

Without saying a word, Nessie turned and walked away from Jacob wondering if what Alice had told her was true.

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