67- Family vs Love (ft. M. Bartra)

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"Why aren't you having fun?" asked Marc as he approached me a little tipsy but not drunk.

"You know that this isn't my scene Bartra." I told him and he grinned taking me by the wrist and dragging me to a booth where a guy sat on his own sipping on a colored drink and scrolling messily on his phone. 

He looked up at Marc and I, and when he noticed that he noticed that we were next to his table he raised an eyebrow in our direction.

It was only then that I realized that It was Marc's team mate Neymar.

"Lucia this is Neymar, Neymar meet Lucia, bye, have fun." he grinned pushing me so I fell in the other side of the booth glaring up at him making him shrug and skip away.

"Ignore him. He's always like this when he's drunk." Neymar commented smirking.

"Oh trust me,I know all about drunk Marc, and I mean all." I shuddered at the last memory.

He laughed making me laugh too.

Neymar and I passed the rest of the night chatting and flirting, mostly flirting. I mean Neymar is a really good looking guy and he's a lot of fun and sweet. 

We hadn't drunk one sip of alcohol the whole night. I wasn't someone who drinks and he needed to drive himself home.

Marc stumbled messily and sat down next to me making me raise an eyebrow at him.

"Lucia" he slurred then planted a sloppy kiss on my cheek making me giggle at his drunken state looking over at  Neymar who frowned looking between Marc and I.

"Neymar." Marc hiccuped.

"Can you drive Lucia home? Thanks Bye." He said before Neymar could object which he clearly was going to do and made me frown.

Marc stood up and skipped to Gerard and Jordi.

"Since I don't have a choice." Neymar sighed standing up taking his phone and car keys with him.

"Let's go." he added.

"okay." I frowned.


He stopped in front of my house after a long silenced drive. 

"why are you suddenly acting like this ?" I asked him turning to look at him.

"Like what ?" he asked me looking at me with a neutral face.

"Like this! Pretending that nothing happened between us at the club!"

"Whatever happened should of never happened." 

"And why is that?" I asked him.

"Because you can't expect me to be flirting and to like you when you already have a boyfriend." He exclaimed looking at me.

"Boyfriend ? I don't have a boyfriend." I was confused at this point.

"Marc! I can't believe you are denying this, he's so lucky to have someone like you." he gripped the steering wheel.

"yes, lucky to have me as his cousin." I clarified for him.

His head snapped to me wide eyed.

"cousin?" he asked making sure he heard right.

"yes cousins , his dad and mine are brothers." He took a bit of time then spoke again.

"So your last name is Bartra ?" he grinned and I rolled my eyes.

"yes junior that's all you can say about this!" 

"I'm sorry Lucia It's just that I like you a lot." He said shy and blushing.

"I like you too Neymar a lot."


Man i want to be Marc's cousin.






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