Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus (AHHHH)

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One thing I have to say for this season of Black Butler: THANK EFFING GOD FOR THIS SEASON. You guys saved the ever loving franchise. Also, just be aware of me saying OMG a lot.

The music.

The animation.

The characters.

The feels.

The plot.


See, A-1 Pictures? When you stick to the source material that it came from and don't use excessive amounts of fanservice, YOU GOT YOURSELVES A PERFECT ANIME.

Let me explain.

Practically four years after season two ended on a "WTF NO GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD" note, Book of Circus adapts the Noah's Circus arc from the manga. And boy is it so much better. It picks off from where season one diverged, making it as though season two never freaking happened. I'll say this again: THANK FREAKING GOD.

Most of you who read my rant about the series on the whole know that I don't find Sebastian attractive, nor do I ship him with Ciel. Luckily, this season, it downplayed his looks and the shipping fanservice and focused more on his character, who is a devious, lying *BLEEP* of a butler who gets the job done quickly for his master, Ciel Phantomhive.

And can we just talk about Ciel?

Ciel in this season, is not a whiny brat. He takes matters into his own hands, dedicated to his job as the Queen's Watch Dog, arrogant, unpredictable and his morals are as questionable as ever. Why I love this character so much is because of the fact that he's so freaking manipulative. And he's like one of the main protagonists. And hey, that's his freaking personality in the bloody manga.

Also the servants of Phantomhive manor. They are so effing badass. I'll just say that right now. In the first two seasons, they really didn't do anything other than be there for comic relief from the plot and nothing more. Mey Rin was the clumsy maid, Finnian was the gardener who destroyed everything he touched and Bard was the cook who basically burnt everything and these all were things just so Sebastian can coming running to the rescue. In this season however, THESE THREE OH MY GOD THEY ARE BADASS. Like no doubt, despite their clumsiness as during their "jobs," in reality, they are supposed to guard the mansion and they are bosses at it.

I wanna hug every single one of the characters. Joker, Beast, Doll, Peter, Wendy, everyone. They went through so effing much as kids like oh my god. Except....that guy. *shudders* NOT TO SPOIL ANYTHING BUT THE VILLAIN IS CREEPY AS EFF.

The soundtrack is amazing. End of story. I love that ending theme to death.

And the plot twists with this story....which will be topped (apparently) by the OVA Book of Murder, which adapted the next arc that came in the manga, The Phantomhive Manor Murders arc.

Book of Circus took a series that was beginning to be known for its excessive fanservice and idiocy of the second season (*cough* Alois I still want to kill you *cough*) and turned it into something the manga was all along: complex and beautiful. Like seriously. Yana Toboso's art is beautiful. There are hardly any flaws with her work.

Also, having already read the manga, I already knew who the villain was but it still sent a shiver down my spine the second time around I see him revealed. Forget everything you knew about stalkers, this is one creepy ass noble you don't want to mess with.

And to talk about the recent manga chapter:




Well, that's it for now! What are your thoughts on the third season of Kuroshitsuji? What else would you like for me to rant on? Comment below and let me know!

Hey guys, I am starting to run low on ideas right now. You could comment what other fandom and/or series as a whole you would like for me to rant on! :D I'm thinking about Tokyo Ghoul and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, as I just recently finished watching those two anime and I LOVE THEM.

Sayonara! :D

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