Bury Me In Black (6)

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Bury Me in Black (6)

Even in my most jaded times, I had some hope - Gerard Way

I felt like punching something. The nearest thing was a pillow, so I aimed my fist at it and punched it as hard as I could. It made a little puff noise and that was it, to be honest it didn't help. I slumped back down on my bed, resting my head against the cold pale wall. I was slowly dying, why didn't I just die already? I didn't mind making it go quicker-I heard a quiet knock on the door, my eyes widen as my head turn to the direction.

"Gerard?" Mikey asked pushing the door open.

I had my door closed for the pasted few weeks, there wasn't any point too it. Why would anyone want to see a dying monster? 


Mikey walked in further, as did a girl. The girl happens to be Lyn-z. My face lit up, I stood up and walked over to her.

"Lyn," I smiled. 

She opens her arms and wrapped them around me, pulling me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around her back, resting my chin on her shoulder. I felt the tinniest better, she kissed my cheek.

"Gee," She whispered in my ear.

We both pulled out of the hug, I turn to Mikey as I held Lyn-z's hand. Mikey was smiling, with his arms folded across his chest.

I mouthed the words thank you, "I'll go," He smiled making his way out of my room.

Lyn-z closed the door, and walked me to my bed and sat me down. She held both my hands and smiled. I felt happy again, I smiled. She moved closer to me plunging her lips against mine, I felt my cheeks go all warm and my stomach turn but in a good way.

"I love you," She whispered.

I smiled, closing my eyes kissing her. "I love you too," 

I let go of her hands and wrapped the around her, she was beautiful. She giggled a bit and pushed herself away and laid back on my bed. 

"Wow, you have a lot of comics." She smiled glancing around.

I nodded smiling; I was a massive comic fan. I enjoyed drawing comic or super hero's too; I looked back over at Lyn-Z. Her eyes were wide staring at my table, the table where all my drawing where.

She slowly sat up smiling, stand up on her feet. "What are those?" She asked.

My heart begun to race, she walked over there seeing my drawings. She picked up the one of her, looking at it. I felt my cheeks get hot and redder, I looked down.

"Is this me?" I heard her ask.

I nodded looking back up at her, she was smiling. She walked over to me, sitting down beside me holding the picture. 

She turn to me, "It's beautiful! You're an amazing artist." She complimented me. 

I giggled a little, she pushed her lips on top mine kissing me. I wrapped my arms around her tightly, she did the same. I felt butterflies fly around my stomach, I smiled. She pushed me on too my back.

"I love you Gee," She whispered breaking off the kiss.

"I love you too,"

     Mikey sat beside me in the car, we all piled in. Me, my father and Mikey. We were going back to the hospital for two reasons; 1) To take my cast off, 2) Check-up on my Cancer. I wasn't looking forward to it, because of what happen. I shook my head getting rid of the memory, I looked outside our window as our house begun to get smaller in the distance.